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4cento garden party presenta: Anthony Attalla (Incorrect Music)

4cento garden party presenta: Anthony Attalla (Incorrect Music)



Welcome September!
Un super ospite dalla carica esplosiva atterra venerdì al 4cento.
Direttamente da Chicago Anthony Attala, dj/produttore e fondatore della prestigiosa etichetta Incorrect Music.
Si riparte alla grande con una stagione che si preannuncia ricchissima di Artisti di grande qualità e tante sorprese!

Gettin' in the Mood:
~ Fede Beige

Special Guest:
~ Anthony Attalla (Incorrect Music)

• Biography
As 2016 takes shape, Anthony Attalla has firmly established himself as a rising star in the electronic music community.
His personal growth in the studio as a producer and on stage as a performer has the industries biggest taste makers, as well as its biggest publications, proclaiming that Anthony is set to break out in the coming year. Never resting on his laurels, Anthony has also demonstrated his passion for the business side of the industry by creating a platform to showcase his favorite talent through Incorrect Music (his music production-company) which has proven to be a most successful endeavor.

As an artist, Anthony has charted nearly 800 Top 100 tracks on Beatport.com, the widely popular outlet for purchasing Dance Music. With mega-labels such as Sony, Atlantic, Warner Bros, Ultra, Yoshitoshi and Toolroom seeking his productions as well as underground heavyweights Suara, Great Stuff, 1605 and Stereo Recordings, Attalla has become a wanted man.
His new home of Chicago has embraced him with open arms and he was named " Best DJ Set of 2014" at Spybar, the world-renowned staple for underground house & techno. In addition, the demand for his live performance has grown to an all-time high with continuous touring throughout the United States, as well as international bookings in Europe, Ibiza, Mexico & Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Canada. Furthermore, Anthony made his mark on the White Isle (Ibiza, Spain) as he has been asked to play on some of the biggest events including a residency at the uber-exclusive Ushuaia Hotel & Pool, which showcases the world's most in-demand talent and is arguably Ibiza's hottest ticket.

Now surpassing its 100th release, Anthony's label Incorrect Music has experienced success at an alarming pace. The label’s achievements include having tracks played and charted by some of the industries’ most credible artists, boasting over 100 Top 100 tracks on various Beatport Charts, and spreading its wings globally with artists from more than 20 different countries making up its impressive roster. The label is currently experiencing a string of 18 straight releases on the Beatport Top 100 Charts spanning over 13 months!

With Anthony’s multi-faceted approach to an increasingly demanding industry, he illustrates his ability to evolve and achieve as he continues to make his meteoric rise in international dance scene.

Ingresso con selezione
10€ con drink entro le 24:00
15€ con drink dopo le 24:00
Info & Reservation:
☎️ 0289517771
✉️ mail 4cento@4cento.com

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Venerdì 02-09-2016 alle 23:00

Dove: 4cento

Indirizzo: Via Campazzino 14 Milano

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