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Reloveution pres. Jordy Dazz - Area 21 | Official Event | 30.4.13

Reloveution pres. Jordy Dazz - Area 21 | Official Event | 30.4.13



Reloveution lieto di presentarvi Jordy Dazz!

Era l'ormai lontano dicembre del 2011, quando un gruppo di giovani ragazzi decisero di dare una svolta alla movida milanese inventandosi da zero un nuovo prodotto.
Questo progetto prese il nome di Reloveution, e con forte impegno riusc a farsi conoscere nella grande Milano.
Reloveution port un nuovo prodotto artistico e musicale per la giovent milanese, organizzando feste a tema mai viste prima e facendo esibire artisti nazionali e internazionali del calibro di Alex Gaudino, Basto, De Jano, Klaas, Quilinez, Klosman e Julian Jordan.
Punto cardine di questo progetto il genere musicale fa tendenza, da non sottovalutare infatti la presenza in due edizioni del preserata hip-hop anche l rappresentato da artisti di grandissimo rilievo: One Mic e Bassi Maestro.
Il nostro obbiettivo pi grande quello di divertici e di farvi divertire.

Dj Set:


A college dropout turned standard setting beacon to 21st century club music, Jordy Dazz has conquered a long and winding road enroute to his global accession. Championed by Tiesto and Hardwell alike and enjoying a significant surge of enthusiasm throughout club land, his rigorous story of passion, persistence and organic nature have made him an unlikely success story to bless the modern Dance overhaul.
Fuelled by an outright infatuation for music and his early aspirations as a drummer, it quickly became apparent that college could not cater for his overarching ambitions. Opting for an early career in one of Holland's few independent vinyl record stores over the realms of orthodox education, Jordy would master his craft through day-to-day analysis of the progressions and trends in Electronic music - an asset which would see the hopeful artist shift and recommend vinyl records to current peers and then regular customers such as Sander Van Doorn, Fedde Le Grand and Marco V.
But for a man who donned his first DJ set at the tender age of 15, Jordy's approach to live dance music has proven just as testing as the road by which he entered. Now heralding more than a decade behind the decks, his journey from the shop floor to the global clubbing circuit has not been without its trials. A DJ for the greater part of life enlisted to cater to a versatile collection of styles over the years, his early years have served him considerably well. Reigning in sets at Privilege Ibiza and Holland's Heineken Music Hall alongside Tiesto alongside some of the finest nightspots across Europe and Canada, Jordy has encompassed an old school dexterity for the new age masses that now call upon his skills behind the decks.
That style, character and break neck energy has not gone wasted within his personal reign upon the club floor and digital market alike. Championed by Hardwell's Revealed Recordings imprint and Bingo Player's Hysteria label, such explosive releases as 'OMG', collaborative favorite 'Fuego' with DANNIC, Beatport top 10 'Claymore' and 'Drum Fail' alongside Mightyfools continue to muster considerable belief across the globe in his unique yet coherent fusion of rhythmic Electro and peak time House music.
Collecting those razor sharp production values and organic mixing skills further within his own Dope and Dirty podcast series, one has to wonder if there is any aspiration to audacious for an artist who continues to profit from his infatuation with Dance music. A self made maestro on all accounts with the considerable benefit of some heavyweight industry support along the way, the road ahead looks evermore open for Jordy Dazz and his vision for Peak time perfection outside of the universal comfort zone.

After entertaining millions of fans in numerous shows accompanying world famous dj's such as Tiesto, Hardwell & Knife Party he will be showing off his skills for Reloveution at Area21. Reloveution is ready to host another world class artist after the huge successes of Gregori Klosman and Julian Jordan that with their spectacular performances have entertained thousands of people.



Ace Danny is a young italian DJ/Producer.
His career began with the creation of some mash-ups, released for free download, which brought him fame and the first positive feedback from people.
His productions are due under the Electro and Progressive House genre but his musical eclectic led him to the combination of different styles getting something unique and inimitable.
Since he was 16, Ace Danny has been played in numerous clubs in Milan sharing the console with many international artists such as Qulinez, Gregori Klosman, Julian Jordan and many others...
He usually performs using 3/4 CDJs but his most fascinating performances occur when he plays Live sets during which he can best express his imagination and improvisation by creating live rhythmic and melodic sequences.
Charging, the energy and passion he brings to his work and during his performances have already been a great feedback from the audience.
All this makes Ace Danny a young producer of great perspective.


Sergio Parisi (dj remixer and producer), represent despite his young age, one of the Italian dj most popular and appreciated in Milan.
He started very young, when he began to feel the first emotions of the protagonist of the events and not by simple spectators.
In a few years climbing the summit of the best clubs in Milan becoming resident of the best clubs of Milan (since Tocqueville, Old Fashion , Lime Light , and Tropicana) by dates on dates and in Milan the same but starting to turn first in Italy up to export his sound all over.
his charisma and his passion is expressed at the highest levels during his live involving each participant.
Over the years they have had the opportunity to open the events artists of the best in the world, such as Hardwell, Tocadisco, Zedd, Quentin Mosimann, Arno Cost, Dj Antoine, Bassjackers - RLP- international or Italian artists such as Gigi d'Agostino, Gabry Ponte, Cristian Marchi, Prezioso, Molella, Emanuele Inglese, Menegatti & Fatrix, Roberto Molinaro, Simon De Jano, Marco Ravelli and others.
At the level of productions he starting to bring the sound of live Sergio Parisi, even in his sounds electro-progressive house genre in the studio. The M1N/Time records is the first production house to believe in his project SHAKE IT . The first track will be the springboard for his success at the level of production.

Soundcloud :

Special thanks to Havana Eventi

Official sponsor DollyNoire

Foto: Vittorio La Fata, Thomas Carl

Modalit D'Ingresso:


Tavolo Balconata: trattativa riservata
Tavolo Priv Face: 500*20persone con 3 bottiglie
Tavolo Sala 2: TBA

Prevendita: 10**

* Il locale si riserva la selezione all'ingresso
** Prevendite non rimborsabili


Dalle 21 alle 23:30: Drink 6, Double drink 10, Chupito 3

Dopo le 23:30: Drink 10, Double drink 15, Chupito 5

Bottiglie speciali solo su ordinazione:

Moet & Chandon 0,75 Lt: 200
Dom Perignon 0,75 Lt: 400
0,75 Lt: 250
1,75 Lt: 500
3 Lt: 900
6 Lt: 1700

Official Website:

Official Event:

Official page:

Info: Prevendite/Tavoli:

+39 3406062242

Area 21 - Via Valtellina 21 - Milano

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