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METAPHYSICAL RECORDS - SHOWCASE @ Draft & Craft, Milano, Italy

METAPHYSICAL RECORDS - SHOWCASE @ Draft & Craft, Milano, Italy



Metaphysical Records will be presenting a SHOWCASE @ Draft & Craft:

- Nutmann / B2B / Denis Cloud

- Eipies / B2B / Richimed

We will also distribute:

- Metaphysical Records SHOWCASE Compilation (Audio CD)
- Metaphysical Records T-Shirts with LOGO
- Metaphysical Records Stickers!

- Info 3278887003 Denis

Metaphysical Records
Creata e fondata da Raffaele Paglietti aka Nutmann nel 2005, Metaphysical Records e' in continua evoluzione..
Metaphysical Records si definisce piuttosto un processo di ricerca per trovare diversi modi di portare emozioni sulle piste da ballo.
Non solo un'etichetta che produce musica, ma produce idee e sogni attraverso il suono.
E' un'etichetta underground, concentrata sull'evoluzione, sulla sperimentazione e sul futuro.
Attualmente, Nutmann ha diviso la gestione dell'etichetta con il produttore italiano Denis Cloud, il cui partecipo' con le sue produzioni sin dall'inizio.
Metaphysical Records e' in continua espansione, la scena musicale si deve aspettare grandi cose da questa etichetta.




Denis Cloud:

Attracted by the Berlin techno influences as well as exploring the variety of techno styles produced in Germany, he quickly felt that producing would have been his lifestyle and lifetime choice. In 2009 he started cranking out his first productions.
He continues with passion and love in the search of new and unusual sound to fuse in his new productions, which ranges from techno to minimal techno, trying to show the quality and difference in his imprints. His motto is " LIFE FOR MUSIC!" a sentence for real clubbers only!
Working against the trends, but assimilating slices he likes along the way, Denis will carry on producing his unique, innovative vibes
It is an artist who cannot take his/her eyes off to the development in the future



Born and raised in Sardinia (Italy), Raffaele Paglietti AKA Nutmann, started his musical journey when he was 14, when he was given a couple of turntables by his parents. It was at this moment that Raffaele Paglietti knew he wanted to be a DJ.

He first became interested in the Techno music scene in 1998. In 2001, aged 14, he did various warm up sets before the doors opened in major clubs.

In 2006, he achieved his big break when he moved to London. It was after this point when he started getting gigs at clubs such as The Russian Bar, Fire Club and many others.

In the meantime, from 2004, Nutmann started to get interested in music production and he start to train and put together some great tunes.

In the same year Nutmann joined Clonk Records, who helped distribute his first internet release.

Nutmann is been hitting the Top 100 chart on Beatport many times under Clonk Records and his music has been played by many big names such as Richie Hawtin.

In 2009 with the help of K1971 Label Management of Alessio Armeni, he decide to open his own label named " Metaphysical Records" where he is now selecting and distributing exclusive releases.

Since 2004 Nutmann has been locked in the studio perfecting his craft.

Suffice to say, the Minimal / Tech-House scene should be expecting big things from Nutmann in the next future.

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