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31/10/2013//CReATiVeJuNgLe presents - aBRaMaCaBRa - 2 Stage //12 Hours Party// BOM SHANKA MUSIC Labe

31/10/2013//CReATiVeJuNgLe presents - aBRaMaCaBRa - 2 Stage //12 Hours Party// BOM SHANKA MUSIC Labe



Come ogni anno torniamo a proporvi a Milano " aBRaMaCaBRa" ,(3a edizione)
evento che si celebra durante la nottata di Halloween, il 31 Ottobre, festivita' che rimanda a tradizioni antiche della cultura celtica.
Elemento tipico della festivita' e' la simbologia legata al mondo dell' occulto, sono gradite pur senza obbligo, maschere che possano rendere piu' colorito questo evento.<LA MASCHERA + BELLA VINCERA' UN'INGRESSO OMAGGIO>
Abbiamo deciso quest'anno di proporvi una festa di 12 ore in 2 sale dove si esibiranno

Dj ed artisti nazionali (sala dark prog, dark psy, forest,twilight, hi tech e full power)

e nello stage principale 6 progetti prodotti dalla nota etichetta discografica " Bom Shanka Music" , etichetta inglese famosa per il suo genere full-on/ psy trance underground

Questi progetti durante l' estate sono stati presentati sui palcoscenici di molti illustri Festivals, tra i quali:
Ozora in Ungheria, Modem in Croazia, Antaris Project in Germania, Free Eart festival in Grecia, Sonica e Black Moon in Italia
e che faranno nuovamente danzare durante questa nottata, fate, elfi,streghe, maghi e folletti a ritmo di ....
" aBRaMaCaBRa" ...e tutto sia magia...

Buone ViBRa a TuTTi


Supported by
OCTOPUS Productions
Ufficio stampa / Press office: octopus@hvrecords.com

6 INTERNATIONAL PROJECTs from Bom Shanka Music!!!



The two producers that make Psymmetrix are Al and Richie.

They have been writing music together since Winter 04/05, quickly forming a well received live set that they debuted at the 'Liquid Futures' NYE party.

Since this time they have been either hard at work in the Psymmetrix studio or out playing their live set in many different countries and continents.

November 2007 saw the hotly anticipated release of their first album 'Twin Headed Monster'.

The monster was released after months of hard genetic-sonic programming and thorough dance floor testing and was preceded by releases on Doof, Wildthings, Peak, Pharpsyde, Free Radicals, and Looney Moon.

July 2009 saw the release of their 2nd album 'Psymmetrix and Other Animals' and in December 2011 they released their 3rd album 'No More Milking it'. Now they continue to write more killer Psymmetrix tracks, as well as their solo projects (Asimilon & Dirty Saffi) and also 'Big Scary Monsters' with Illegal Machines in between a hectic international gig schedule.



is the solo project of Richie Elmes, one half of renowned psychedelic trance act Psymmetrix.

Suited to the early daytime or early night Asimilons sound is powerful and groovy tech influenced psychedelia with flowing softer-hard semi-melodys and small geckos scuttling down your ear drums then mulitplying into tiny shards of 'proppa' trance... almost like the good old days but fresh new and years before its best before date.

Asimilon has been writing and performing music and DJing mostly psychedelic trance since 1996 and uses his experience of international dancefloors to good effect.
Some highlights of his career include appearing at events such as Antaris in Germany, Modular Dimension in Italy, Party People in Moscow, Noisy Radicals in South Africa, The Glade in UK, Gaian Mind Summer Festival in USA and many other festivals and parties.


is a psychedelic trance producer from the South - West of England, and is now a happy member of the Bom Shanka Music family Chris' sound makes a great energy on the dance-floor, big rolling bass-lines mixed with twisted atmosphere and leads, seamlessly combining the elements of night and day.

Chris now works in several positions in the music industry from artist(s)/label management/event organisation.

Born in 1988 in the coastal city of Plymouth, Chris grew up in a world filled with music, his father Martin - always a keen musician and an experienced listener, encouraged him to play the guitar, and in doing this he became fluent in music. His Father also fed his passion for more abstract genres of music from an early age.

From the ages of 13 - 16 Chris played lead guitar in varied bands in his local city of Plymouth, mainly with his then musical partner Sam Stephens, experimenting with different styles of Punk and Rock music.

In 2004 at the age of 17 Chris left school and studied Music Technology for 2 years at Deep Blue Sound, learning how to use Cubase, Pro - Tools, Nuendo, Logic and reason, as well as focusing on sound engineering for live bands and recording artists, it is here that he met Oopart, a local producer and profound psychedelic explorer, who introduced him to Psychedelic trance and the party scene and helped him in the early stages of his trance music production.
Later this year oopart also introduced Chris to dj's such as Gacid and Joe the Boptist, who's performances inspired Chris to learn how to mix.

In 2007 Chris met Ellis Thomas (Glitchy Tonic) in Plymouth, Ellis, already a keen D.J and producer, had heard Chris' music online and the two instantly became very good friends. Ellis taught Chris how to use Cdj's and the pair started producing their own music together and became a familiar and popular act on the local trance scene together, and each one as a solo performance.

In 2009, Chris met Babak (Akasha). Babak came to the city from London and after hearing Chris' music insisted that he play in the squat party scene.
Chris visited london in 2010 and played his first squat party. He met with Hunter, an experienced producer and live act on the squat scene, and learnt the basics of ableton live and built his set, later he performed it to an eager 700 person crowd and the set was a success.

Chris' first release was " The Domino Effect" on Wonk" Ay Records in 2009

Chris released his first E.p " Oxytocin" in 2009 on D-A-R-K records.

In 2010 Chris Signed to Bom Shanka Music, and released his first track, " Chunky Pixie" on Djane Nuky's compilation " Bloodlines" in march 2011.
This track marked the start of Chris' new and more refined style of psytrance Production.

In 2012 Chris released his E.p " Outside In" on Bom Shanka Music, three tracks of psychedelic trance, which was a massive success and has become a popular choice amongst D.j's around the globe.

Chris also has four other production aliases, Dataura, Madoxx and also Picatrix (with Kris Thomas from Loose Connection) as well as the new Shanti Pirates project with Jon Day.

In 2012 Chris (as Dataura) also founded the record label Digital Mind, which is focused around slower styles of psychedelic dance music such as progressive and minimal.

In 2012 Chris also started playing his live act(s) in europe and other countries around the world, and has started becoming a popular act on the world wide psychedelic scene.

in 2013 Chris started a new psytrance project called " Shanti Pirates" alongside his friend, and also very talented producer Jon Day, which has also already received a popular response from the public.

In 2013 Chris is booked to play at Ozora, Transahara, Hadra, Modem and Freqs of nature festivals, as well as many other smaller parties world wide.


is a french producer, from south east of france member of BOM SHANKA MUSIC & WORLD PEOPLE PROD & SANGOMA REC
Synthetik Chaos is Yan, a French electronic music producer, part of the original Illegal Machines line-up, he also participated in the Psychodroids project (Illegal & friends).

His influences come from differents kinds of music (mainly electronical) such as: Aphex Twin, Slide, Richard Devine, Nick Taylor, Ministry, Droid Sect, Sonic Youth etc........

The result of all this influences & many experimentations in the lab results in a combination of heavy twisted basslines & electroid rhythms, psychedelics soundz & weird noises, with always in mind to keep the dance floor as a recreation ground!

He has already released some tracks on several labels including World People Production, Pixan, Phar Psyde and has collaborated with some killa artists such as Electrypnose, Dirty Saffi, Illegal Machines, Konflux.... other projects are in preparation!


ARTISTI e Dj Nazionali:


(Mind Expansion Music/Nutria Rec.)

(Visionary Shamanics Rec./Quarion Tribe/MonkeySexPlosion Tm)

(Pixan Rec./ CReATiVeJuNgLe Rec.)

(Psybliminal Rec./CReATiVeJuNgLe Rec.)


✔ WildChild
(CReATiVeJuNgLe Rec.)

✔ XeRoMoRpH
(CReATiVeJuNgLe Rec.)

✔ ThoMaS DaRKeR
(CReATiVeJuNgLe Rec.)

✔ Z3Ro
(Blacklite Rec./MoonLight Prj.)

✔ Limbik (Ayahuasca Family)

✔ Acid Mind
(Woo-dog Rec/CReATiVeJuNgLe Rec /Monkeysexplosion tm)

✔ Behemot Dark

✔ Dj J-Ack
(CReATiVeJuNgLe/oHm Prod.)

✔ Pedroine
(Trancemission Prj.)


______'$$$$O$____$$____$$___$$ ____o$$$______

✔ 3D deco ART by


✔ MAIN FLOOR 25 Kw HK www.hkaudio.com

Style sound:Progressive/Psy Trance/Full_on

Time Table

22:30-00:00 Zero

00:00-01:00 Project Sketch >Live<

01:00-02:00 Asimilon >Live<

2:00-03:00 Dirty Saffi >Live<

03:00-04:00 Synthetik Chaos >Live<

4:00-05:30 Xeromorph

5:30-06:30 Chris Rich >Live<

06:30-07:30 Psymmetrix >Live<

07:30-09:00 Wild Child

09:00-End Surprise dj set


Style sound: Twilight/Dark psy/Forest/Hi tech/Full power

Time Table:

22.30/24.00 Behemot dark

24.00/01.00 Limbik

01.00/02.00 Pier Pedroine

02.00/03.00 Thomas Darker

03.00/04.00 KYKEON Live

04.00/05.00 PSY MR. Live

05.00/06.00 WE ARE NOISE Live

06.00/07.00 Acid Mind

07.00/08.00 HOOKERSLive

08.00/09.00 Dj J-Ack


COCO CLUB Assago (MI) via Albert Einstein 7

STRADA COCO CLUB>>PER CHI VIENE IN TRENO č possibile prendere la metropolitana direttamente da MILANO CENTRALE o LAMBRATE>>POCHI MINUTI DA M2 ASSAGO FORUM(15 min a piedi)< Attraversa il cavalcavia Alla rotonda prendi la 1a uscita e imbocca Via Giuseppe di Vittorio Attraversa 2 rotonde Alla rotonda prendi la 3a uscita e imbocca Via Giuseppe Verdi Svolta a destra e imbocca Via Albert Einstein Prendi la 1a a destra per rimanere su Via Albert Einstein. In alternativa č possibile prendere il pullman 321.>>>>DA VIALE FAMAGOSTA<<<<<<<<<< Procedi in direzione est da Viale Famagosta verso Via Beldiletto Prendi lo svincolo per Centro/Aeroporto Mantieni la destra al bivio, segui le indicazioni per A7/Genova/Tangenziale Ovest/Aeropoti ed entra in A7 Prendi l'uscita Assago-Milanofiori verso Assago/Milanofiori Prosegui dritto Alla rotonda prendi la 1a uscita e imbocca Via Giuseppe di Vittorio Attraversa 2 rotonde Alla rotonda prendi la 3a uscita e imbocca Via Giuseppe Verdi Svolta a destra e imbocca Via Albert Einstein Prendi la 1a a destra per rimanere su Via Albert Einstein>>>>>DALLA TANGENZIALE OvEST<<<<<<<< Prendi l'uscita Assago-Milanofiori verso Assago/Milanofiori Entra in Viale Milano Fiori e Attraversa la 1°rotonda Alla rotonda, prendi la 1a uscita Alla rotonda prendi la 2a uscita e imbocca Via Giuseppe di Vittorio Attraversa 2 rotonde Alla rotonda prendi la 3a uscita e imbocca Via Giuseppe Verdi Svolta a destra e imbocca Via Albert Einstein Prendi la 1a a destra per rimanere su Via Albert Einstein La tua destinazione č sulla sinistra


15 € prima delle 24.30

18 € dopo le 24.30


***9 Novembre//MILANO - DiGiTaL oVeRLoAd
COSMO 10 oRe Live!

** ALieN MeLoDy // 23 Novembre 2013 Milano
AJJA & COSMOSIS Live Concert > Full guitar Live Set> !!! >1sTime in IT<




Giocando potrai essere uno dei vincitori dei 5 INGRESSI OMAGGIO messi in palio

Partecipare all'estrazione e' molto semplice:

*Invitando i vostri amici

1. Clicca su " + SELEZIONA GLI INVITATI" in alto a sinistra e seleziona chi tra i tuoi amici pensi possa essere interessato all'evento.
2. Clicca su " CONDIVIDI" in alto sotto il titolo in grassetto e premi condividi per inoltrare sulla tua bacheca l'evento

* condividendo l'evento o l'immagine dell' evento dal nostro profilo entro le ore 12.00 del 19 Ottobre

BUoNe ViBRa a TuTTi


▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀


Buone ViBRa a ToDoS


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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Giovedì 31-10-2013 alle 22:30

Dove: Coco Club

Indirizzo: Via Albert Einstein, 6 Assago

Prezzo: 15 € < h 24 < 18 €

Link: Sito Web dell'evento