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SLOW MOTION NIGHT #001 w/ Motorcycle Boy live + Cosmo

SLOW MOTION NIGHT #001 w/ Motorcycle Boy live + Cosmo



Based between Pescara/Chieti and Berlin, the Slow Motion crew has created one of the most significant realities committed to quality electronic music and club culture since 2005, organizing events like Wrong Era, Retro Futuro, East Coast Disco, Studio X, Bar Noir and Spatial Dance... running Tipografia club in Pescara and founding Slow Motion Records.

They are a tight group of friends with the same peculiar taste in music, however with different ideas that together create a unique musical atmosphere, playing and promoting the best underground dance music from obscure disco to house, from space beats to cosmic grooves.

The idea behind Slow Motion Records, launched in 2009, was to spread the best sound coming from a new generation of Italian djs and music producers as well as from serious heavyweights of the scene, looking for the future way of the Italian disco.



Motorcycle Boy | live
He defines his sound as " strapping music produced only by night" . He uses the live set like a way to prove his works straight on the dancefloor creating kaleidoscopic sound structures with electro, disco and techno influences, manipulating released and unreleased tunes, syncopated rhythms and cinematic suggestions in a performance which drags the listeners into his imagination.
His first album SQUALO is on the way on Slow Motion Records with a previous 12" EP and another EP is coming out soon on the Mexican label Electrique Music.


Cosmo | dj-set
Unconventional boogie house and electro-disco are main ingredients for his sound driven by an overwhelming passion for vinyl and music research.
Cosimo Mandorino aka Cosmo is resident dj and AD of Slow Motion project since 2005, he's now resident dj at Tipografia club and he has played alongside some of the best Italian and international djs.

in 65mq

Friday, March 14th | from 11pm to 3am
Free admission

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Venerdì 14-03-2014 alle 23:00

Dove: 65metriquadri

Indirizzo: Alzaia Naviglio Grande 54 Milano

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