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Memento @ Magazzini Generali (MI)

Memento @ Magazzini Generali (MI)



Line-up /
Fabrizio Maurizi
Idriss D
Gianni Sabato

After a 7 years exclusive artistic partnership with Amnesia Milano, working closely with an amazing team of professionals and enjoying a lot of great moments together on the dancefloor, Memento Records is taking the next step and looking forward to new challenges and exciting adventures:
from a clever idea of its founders Fabrizio Maurizi and Idriss D, the label is organizing a one-off event at Magazzini Generali Milano on Wednesday April 9th during Design Week.

A perfect time to strike the city's vibrant clublife with a party not to be missed, this highly anticipated gig will stand out as one of the most cutting edge nights among the many going on at the time.

Warm up by Gianni Sabato, one of Memento's most acclaimed producers and long time friend.

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