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Samoa Wedding Trio Live@La Cueva

Samoa Wedding Trio Live@La Cueva



E' con molto piacere che saremo ospiti di questo. Vi aspettiamo tutti per fare un bel pò di confusione :)

Marco Confalonieri - pianoforte
Roberto Gelli - contrabbasso
Andrea Bruzzone - batteria

La Cueva
Via Vigevano, 2 ang. viale Gorizia

The Samoa Wedding Trio was born as the result of a semi-random meeting between three musicians during the organization of a series of jam sessions. None of them believed that " elective affinity" kind of thing, but what happened afterwards made them think otherwise: playing together was as natural as playing by themselves in their rooms, and this empathy made the newborn Trio more a hive-mind individual than a band. This " gift" has been channeled into this album, with the addiction of three guest musicians of great talent, Roberto Pedroni (sax alto), Francesco Villa (guitar) and Marco Galetta (trumpet), taken away by the energy and telepathic bond emanating from the three core members. Nice To Meet You really is a new musical experience, blending tradition and modern feeling in the creation of a musical concoction that's never been tasted before. We are sure that you'll be as much amazed listening to this record as we have been while recording it.

Not a brand new way to play jazz or creative music, but the same way in our own shoes; mixing tradition and innovation in every composition; elegant exposition and furious interplay. Join us in this journey....

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Mercoledì 02-04-2014 alle 21:45

Dove: Via Vigevano - Milano

Indirizzo: -- Milano

Prezzo: --

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