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Rock Star Frame @ East End Lambrate

Rock Star Frame @ East End Lambrate



Hometown: Milano, IT
Genres: Rock / Hard Rock
Label: One Shot Records
Members: Faith Blurry, Morris Steel, Chris Ray, Andy Di Bella, Max " Rider" Klein

Though Rockstar Frame were officially born in 2012, the brainchild of two lifetime friends, drummer Max Klein and former singer Casey Young, the band musters more experience and ambition than most of its contemporaries. The idea was, and still is, to change the world of music forever, so every member chosen for the project needed to be an experienced live and studio musician.
After a short period (and video) with Lon Hawk behind the microphone,
today the new singer is the amazing and beautiful Faith Blurry.

Every single member of the band has, individually, been on stage for most of his life, won awards, collaborated with famous names and television channels such as " Gemelli Diversi" and " SkyTV" . All of the musicians that are and have been part of the project have dedicated their life and passions to a sole ideal: Rock!

The band's current lineup consist of drummer Max " Rider" Klein, electric bass player Andy Di Bella, guitarist Morris Steel (who took over from Joe Steiner in 2013), the incredibly talented, vision-impaired keyboard player Chris Ray and amazing singer Faith Blurry, who most recently joined, taking over from Casey Young as front-man for the band.

From the start, this talented group of musicians has shown incredible style and presence, defined by an exceptional sound which can trace its roots to rock greats like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Guns n' Roses and so on. The technical abilities of its musicians, teamed with Faith Blurry's amazing voice and stage presence, give an immediate idea of this band's ambitions, talents and capabilities.

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