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ZAUND#5 ::: SIMON WHETHAM (uk) | FE<MALE FOU (it) | dj-set Federico Bevacqua (keep on movin)

ZAUND#5 ::: SIMON WHETHAM (uk) | FE<MALE FOU (it) | dj-set Federico Bevacqua (keep on movin)




Over the past eight years Simon Whetham has developed a practice of working with sound
recordings as a raw material for composition.
These are often environmental sounds he has captured employing a variety of methods and techniques,
in order to obtain discrete or obscured sonic phenomena.

In removing sound from it's source, and often amplifying it significantly,
it becomes much more abstract - familiar, yet otherworldly.
More recently, when presenting work in a performance or installation,
for him the space and the objects within become instruments to be played.

Simon has a large number of works published through many specialist organisations,
including Touch Music, Cronica, Dragon's Eye, Monochrome Vision and Entr'acte;
has performed extensively internationally; collaborated with artists from musicians to performance artists,
painters to video artists, dancers to poets; has run listening and field recording workshops in
UK, Estonia, Colombia, Chile and Australia; and received a large number of commissions
and awards for projects and installations - notably for his own project 'Active Crossover'.
Supported Arts Council England and PRS for Music Foundation, the project comprises sound installation,
performance, collaboration and workshops. 'Active Crossover' has toured six cities in the UK, and also
been hosted in Estonia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Australia, with future residencies in Germany and Norway.

A further development of Simon's practice is the participation in the arts education project
RED Artes Visuales de MedellÝn in Colombia, where he ran workshop sessions
for 7 different groups of schoolchildren aged between 8 and 18 years old, each week for 9 weeks,
exploring listening exercises; recording techniques; microphone construction;
interventions; and instrument and kinetic sculpture building.



Solo Project
Lo - Fi Noise - Drone Ambient- Extreme Guitars



Keep On Movin:
Un concetto " dinamico" di aggregazione giovanile, volto a promuovere realtÓ musicali ed artistiche emergenti


Il concetto di base della nostra iniziativa consiste nel lancio di eventi non convenzionali di aggregazione giovanile,
finalizzati alla promozione di realtÓ artistiche e musicali emergenti attraverso performance, installazioni visive ed esposizioni.
Tali eventi mirano a creare uno spazio " dinamico" di condivisione e scambio d'idee, nonchÚ
di interazione tra artisti e pubblico con l'intento fondamentale di ridurne le distanze.
La dinamicitÓ consiste non solo nel offrire contenuti artistici in continuo cambiamento,
ma anche nel proporre uno spazio in costante evoluzione.

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