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It seems Italian young men have an impressive talent for bringing old school house into the 21st Century independent dance music.
One of those guys is Fabio Monesi, Milanese - London - based DJ and producer who's put hands on turntables in the very early teenage cutting his teeth in the most classic way ... just playing, playing vinyl only.

Addicted to the past and the roots of the music he's in love with, he's started his work as a producer using mainly vintage analogue tools so that the influences coming from 90's deep house and 80's Chicago house have taken an authentic form in his modern productions.

After having released the first track included in a V.A. on House Sound Recording, he has felt to give his personal contribution to the scene founding Wilson Records, the vinyl-only-anti-digital label focused on releasing pure house music in all its audible features which has quickly gained a considerable reputation as a privileged source of works made by producers like Fabio himself, Kastil, Okee Ru, Rio Padice, Alex Agore, Deymare, Enrico Mantini, Jordan Fields, Gene Hunt ...

Over the past few years he has released his works on several other labels such as Albion, Blackrose and Auror, until the recent getting into Skylax good books.

65 sq.m, 4 hours set, a young warrior ... looking forward to listening to it!

FABIO MONESI (Wilson Records, Skylax)

in 65mq

Friday, April 18th | from 11pm to 3am
Aperitif from 6pm

free admission

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Venerdì 18-04-2014 alle 18:00

Dove: 65metriquadri

Indirizzo: Alzaia Naviglio Grande 54 Milano

Prezzo: --

Link: Sito Web dell'evento