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SLOW MOTION NIGHT #002 w/ Franz Underwear + Askol'd

SLOW MOTION NIGHT #002 w/ Franz Underwear + Askol'd



Based between Pescara/Chieti and Berlin, the Slow Motion crew has created one of the most significant realities committed to quality electronic music and club culture since 2005, organizing events like Wrong Era, Retro Futuro, East Coast Disco, Studio X, Bar Noir and Spatial Dance... running Tipografia club in Pescara and founding Slow Motion Records.

They are a tight group of friends with the same peculiar taste in music, however with different ideas that together create a unique musical atmosphere, playing and promoting the best underground dance music from obscure disco to house, from space beats to cosmic grooves.

The idea behind Slow Motion Records, launched in 2009, was to spread the best sound coming from a new generation of Italian djs and music producers as well as from serious heavyweights of the scene, looking for the future way of the Italian disco.



Hailing from Pescara but currently based in Berlin, Francesco Scala aka Franz Underwear started his musical path in the teenage with a noise/rock and he started also collecting records from a wide variety of genres and styles.
His career as a DJ however began in 2005 with the beginning of Slow Motion projects.
In 2007 Franz moved to Berlin continuing his work by showcasing his DJ skills and plugging parties all over the German capital, including legendary affairs at Sameheads, Tape, Scala, Wilde Renate, Kleine Reise, Loftus Hall and many others. He's the resident DJ and organizer of the two monthly parties Wrong Era and Magic Waves in Berlin along with the Slow Motion label parties taking place at Wilde Renate club.
His DJ sets are a mix of obscure Italian dance, New Wave, spaced-out House, Electro, Acid and some hints of Detroit and Chicago.
Having established a strong presence both in Italy and Europe, Franz was ready to take a step forward in 2009 with the foundation of Slow Motion Records, releasing the best music from a new generation of Italian music producers including among others his fellow Fabrizio Mammarella, Discodromo, N.O.I.A., Rodion, Alien Alien, Francisco from Pigna People, Dj Rocca, Marcello Giordani.
In late 2012 Franz started another venture called Cafe Futuro, a bar in Berlin with happenings about Italian and cosmic psychedelic sounds or obscure Italian cinematic masterpieces while serving Italian wine.
His own productions have been released on cult labels such as World Unknown, Bordello A Parigi and Tusk Wax, and his side-project Studio Luce have been released on Discodromo's Cocktail d´Amore Music.
On Franz's breeding ground of ideas there is new label project based on his long-running club-night Wrong Era which will be focused on a more international sound in juxtaposition with the Slow Motion's Italian touch.


The project has been created with the purpose of offering only the best of contemporary dance music, always keeping Italian roots in mind.
After moving to Bologna Askol'd started collecting records, honing his mixing technique and trying his hand at stirring dancefloors. There he founded, with long-time friend Marḷ, the Cozmo Sphera Project later reborn as Askol'd & Marḷ duo.
He's taken part in Italian and international events such as Bohengold in Berlin, Pulse festival, _NIENTE_ and Elettronica Solare festival.
Having recently joined the German-Italian collective Slow Motion, Askol'd is one of the youngest talents in the new Italian Wave.
The new interesting radio project of Askol'd is going to be launched soon: is a radio show called Esodo and focused on 80's Italian rock, post-punk, new wave scene and their derived sounds.


in 65mq

Saturday, May 10th | from 11pm to 3am
Aperitif time from 6pm

Free admission

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Quando: Sabato 10-05-2014 alle 18:00

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