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C_lab @ 65 MQ - SHINOBY [Wicked Bass / Soho Soundsystem] - QUEEN'S PARK REVENGE - LCNT

C_lab @ 65 MQ - SHINOBY [Wicked Bass / Soho Soundsystem] - QUEEN'S PARK REVENGE - LCNT



" Senza musica la vita sarebbe un errore "


Shinoby (Wicked Bass / Soho Soundsystem)

Queen's Park Revenge (Soho Soundsystem)

LCNT (C_lab)


Artwork by Michela Picchi
Visual by Veronika Maz - Visual Music Performer


Sure that music is not just business, but especially emotion and research, the experts goes back to their roots.
We open the doors to a laboratory totally unrelated to market dynamics.
We will be the only ones to gain something, irrepressible dancers and lovers of electronic sounds.
The music,the undisputed protagonist, will be back on being the focal point of the club.

C_lab is a creative work shop that supports emerging artists by promoting them without any earning on them.
C_lab supports young talents every Wednesday evening and the emerging tomorrow's clubbing scene.
C_lab is music, everybody's music.


Info/RSVP: +39 331 155 1789
Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/clabmilan

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Mercoledì 14-05-2014 alle 20:00

Dove: C_lab

Indirizzo: via vigevano 1 Milano

Prezzo: --

Link: Sito Web dell'evento