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Cognition in Action Lecture Series - Casey O'Callaghan

Cognition in Action Lecture Series - Casey O'Callaghan



speaker: Casey O'Callaghan (Rice)

title: Grades of Multisensory Awareness

abstract: Among the most fascinating lessons to emerge from recent psychophysical and neural science is that different sensory systems interact and influence each other. Perceiving does not just involve visual, auditory, tactual, olfactory, and gustatory systems working in parallel and in isolation. It involves extensive cooperation and coordination among them. Nevertheless, it remains unclear in what respects perceptual awareness is multisensory. In this talk, I distinguish six differing ways in which conscious perceptual awareness may be multisensory. Each marks an increasingly rich grade of multisensory involvement. Each has correspondingly stronger consequences for how we understand and theorize about the nature of perception. I argue on these grounds that perceptual awareness need not be exhausted by that which is associated with each of the respective modalities along with whatever accrues thanks to simple co-consciousness.

room: aula direzione

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Quando: Lunedì 19-05-2014 alle 10:00

Dove: Neurophilosophy

Indirizzo: Via Festa del Perdono, 7 Milano

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