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LunchTime Seminar Series - Istvan Aranyosi

LunchTime Seminar Series - Istvan Aranyosi



speaker: Istvan Aranyosi (Bilkent University)

title: Explanatory role Functionalism

abstract: I to put forward a new version of analytic functionalism, based on an apparently minor change regarding what the commonsense component of the view is supposed to ascribe. In particular, I will call this new version " explanatory role functionalism" instead of " causal role functionalism" , thus indicating that it is the explanatory role mental state types play between stimulus and behaviour that serves as the meaning of mental terms. I will first formulate the details of the view, after which I will argue that it can be turned into an argument for physicalism in the guise of the type identity theory, la Lewis 1966. I then show how explanatory role functionalism resists all the objection that have been put against causal role functionalism per se or against its physicalistic type identity component.

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Quando: Martedì 27-05-2014 alle 14:30

Dove: Neurophilosophy

Indirizzo: Via Festa del Perdono, 7 Milano

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