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SKIN&SOUL: a project by Nicola Casini // Via Savona 97 // 20-27 june 2014

SKIN&SOUL: a project by Nicola Casini // Via Savona 97 // 20-27 june 2014




OPENING PARTY: 20th of June // Via Savona 97, loft C16 - Milan // 7.30pm

70 women, 30 men, 6 photos each. 7 months. 38 countries. 25 agencies.

The dilemma is to know if a photographer can capture the true essence of his models in a sober, almost spartan location, free from embellishments that could distract the gaze of the public from the true essence of the project: to see the real skin and exposed soul of one who is looking at you from a wall.

The idea is to photograph models without any filter, any emotive protection.

No disguises, no pretending.

Make up and jewels are banned, as well as clothes. Only their bodies have the right to express their personalities. Each model enters the studio with only ten minutes of shooting allowed to reach the aim of capturing a glimpse, pointing straight to their inner being. Just the intimate nucleus, the beauty, of the person overwhelming the exterior.

Sweetness, harshness, sensuality, wilderness, insecurity, strength. Each one of them decides to let one of their sides emerge, without any fear of being judged.

Naked souls, exposed feelings, wild looks. This is what we chased.

You will see the reality, the truth belonging to these people you see as mannequins, simple and mere figures, images, looking at you from a picture.

All of you, belonging to the public, will taste the spirit of these people murmuring their real and instinctive natures.

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Quando: Venerdì 20-06-2014 alle 19:30

Dove: The Space

Indirizzo: Via Savona 97 - Loft C16 Milano

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