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LIVE STREAM of Dance Space Molecules (DSM) taster

LIVE STREAM of Dance Space Molecules (DSM) taster



In this class, in different dimensions people get to be " caressed" in the space, with the space, by the space between the molecules. A unique experience where you can close your eyes and BE the infinite being you truly Be, always have Been and always will Be! Graziano will take you on an experiential journey using the simple (and still tremendously effective) tools of Access Consciousness where oneness will breathe through the heart of your space.

If you are willing to allow yourself to shift your own limitation with ease, feel free to register for the first LIVESTREAM DSM class through the link below:


The target of this class (which lasts from 2 hrs (taster) to 2 days) is to truly sense energetically and cognitively who the creator of your life and your embodiment is in your space.

Graziano is greatly inspired by Gary's and Dain's abilities and gifts of being the Space and is immensely grateful for the impact they have had on his life and living. He is also grateful for what they have been contributing to all the people who are willing to be inspired. With gratitude it's easy to expand, and using some exercises and questions Graziano transforms the outward expression of gratitude to an ongoing source of inspiration for self to create more.

Graziano willingly acknowledges that he is a great thief and steals whatever it is that works for him. He has received a lot of tools and techniques of great value from Gary & Dain that he uses daily for himself and others, and he encourages people to " steal" from him whatever is light and is useful that would work for them.

Please check your local timing here:

You can send the payment through Paypal or credit card here :

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Quando: Mercoledì 18-06-2014 alle 13:00

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