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Venerdė 18 Luglio 2014 siamo lieti di invitarvi a Bubble night party presso la Sacrestia farmacia alcolica, via Conchetta 20. (Naviglio)

Adriana Hamilton e Deleterio saranno insieme sul palco della Sacrestia per un concerto unico seguito da un dj set imperdibile!

Ore inizio spettacolo 23.30
Ingresso 5€ con uno shot di benvenuto!
Per prenotazioni e info 327.28.76.197


Adriana Salvadori Hamilton, in art Adriana Hamilton was born on 27/05/1985 in Italy (Livorno) from a Scottish-Irish mother and Italian father (musician and song-writer) with traces of other cultures in her background.
Music has been a part of Adriana since she was born.
When she was only 5 years old she began singing as soprano in the Domenico Savio Choir where, after a few years, she sang as first soprano, while contemporarily studying the basics of piano.
At the age of 11 she started studying violin, initially with Rita Bacchelli and later at the Music Conservatory (Mascagni).
When she was 14 she started singing modern music, gospel and any kind of soul music. She acquired a great love for r&b, hip hop and reggae.
In the year 2000, at the age of 15, she formed a band with her guitarist brother and performed as soul and r&b singer.
In the same year she wrote her first songs for a producer with whom she created her first ep.
In summer 2003 she sang as a special guest at various beauty contests in Italy.
In the year 2004 she moved to London (Brixton) where she remained for 3 years. In the first few months there, apart from singing for house circuits, she wrote melody and lyrics for the character " Juliette" in the musical " Romeo and Juliette" (r&b version).
In 2005 she was discovered by a London producer who introduced her to a completely new world. A collaboration was broadcast on British radio.
Due to personal reasons, she left London in 2006.
Upon her return to Italy she collaborated with DJ Alik and various rappers with whom she toured round Italy.
In the meantime she continued performing with various bands, singing funk and soul music.
In that same period she wrote her first reggae song " She Says" .
At the end of 2008 she went to India for 2 months where she played and sang together with Indian musicians of the Thar desert. She studied Indian singing and how to play the Indian desert violin.
When she returned to Italy in 2009 she wrote the house song " Silk" and was invited to present it in Ibiza, singing live on Ibiza Global Radio.
In 2009/2010 she wrote the lounge song " Sunset Café" which is part of a same-named compilation.
In August 2010 " The Secret" came out; a reggae album entirely auto-produced, written and sung by Adriana Hamilton on Jamaican riddim.
At the end of 2011 the second version of the album was released: The Secret.0; seven songs written and sung by this fine songwriter and available on free download on

In late 2011 the video of " Desire" , one of the singles on the cd, was published on You-Tube.
In November 2011 she played the main female part in the musical " Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" .
Between the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 she went on tour to Senegal, Dakar with the 44Africa Big Band with whom she actively raised funds for charity. One of the results was the construction of a sanitary clinic in Djourbel, Senegal.
At the end of 2012 the single with video " Cyber Hunter" was released on Quantum (a British label); a collaboration with The Builzer, Nah and Promenade. .
18 March 2014 " Dadaismo" was released , an album by Deleterio, for Universal Music.
You can find her in Dadaismo with two featurings :
" Cielo" (with Deleterio) and " Sui tetti delle cittā" (with the rapper Ghemon).
3 June 2014 another collaboration with The Buildzer came out : " Bow To Ra"
At the moment she is writing and performing nationwide in Italy and abroad with various kinds of concerts.
This is just a taste of Adriana Hamilton's artistic curriculum while we await the release of her new album.

Deleterio - in breve Del - Nel 2000 fonda l'etichetta indipendente HAH Records e nel suo studio milanese cura molte produzioni hip-hop italiane, a partire da quelle del giro dei Club Dogo. Ha partecipato alla realizzazione di innumerevoli album, Ep e pezzi, fra cui UNDERGROUND EP del rapper di Strasburgo MC Mars (2000), il proprio Ep in coppia con Guč Pequeno HASHISHINZ SOUND (2005), PENNA CAPITALE dei Club Dogo (2006), BENVENUTI NELLA GIUNGLA della Dogo Gang (2008). Altra gloria gli deriva dal lavoro svolto nell'omonimo debutto di Marracash (2008) e nel successivo FIN QUI TUTTO BENE (2010). Le sue collaborazioni sono assemblate in DEL COLLECTION, mixtape in download gratuito che nel 2014 apre la strada al debutto DADAISMO. L'album somiglia a uno " who's who" dell'hip-hop italiano e contiene collaborazioni con Fabri Fibra, J-Ax, Guč Pequeno, Marracash, Clementino, Jake la Furia, Emis Killa.
Discografia Essenziale

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Venerdì 18-07-2014 alle 23:30

Dove: Sacrestia farmacia alcolica

Indirizzo: Via Conchetta 20 (ang. Ascanio sforza) Milano

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Link: Sito Web dell'evento