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Milliners: beat the back-to-work blues

Milliners: beat the back-to-work blues



Your holiday is over and now you've got that miserable back-to-work feeling?

Try our top tips and join us for some public speaking and mixed drinks on the first meeting of the season:

Public speaking session, drink and aperitivo for 5euro

The Milliners are back!

Top 5 Tips to beat the back-to-work blues

· Take it slowly
ease yourself into work gently, make a to-do list so you have an action plan from which to work: a short list of realistic tasks to be done in the first day or two

· Hit the delete key
move all the emails you received while you were away into an archive folder and wait: people will always chase you for important things. Feeling especially brave? Just nuke your inbox

· Share your experiences with a friend or family
Football World championship, Ice-buckets, Ice creams ( ), Papaoutai ( ) : what good memories will you remember for this summer?

· Join a class can help keep your spirits high: cooking, dance, art classes…

· Join the Milliners Toastmaster Club
a Public speaking club where you can become a better you while having a drink surrounded by an international athmosphere. We are accepting membership applications until September 22nd.

For more information you can contact our VP Membership Paola Spreafico , the VP Education Sara Conallo, our Tresurer Michele Mirtini or contact us on facebook group

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