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NATIVE in 65mq

NATIVE in 65mq



A member of the Sounds Familiar's family to begin a new season in 65mq ...

Native is a designer artist and creative talent with the love for music.

He's been collecting vinyl records since the mid-90s, searching the music world for its less known aspects, its remote but intriguing corners.
Kraut, prog, jazz, dub, reggae, disco, afro, rock, blues, all immersed in mescaline.

Attracted by the unusual but pleasing, he travels the world looking for inspiration without forgetting his roots. He has a weakness for the pleasures of life and, why not, a few bad habits.

Art Director to several projects in the underground scene like ‘Garage Paradise’ from 2006 to 2009 - an amazing entourage of great Italian guys such as Volcov, Gino Grasso, Luca Trevisi, Riccio, Nox ... with also international guests of the caliber of Sadar Bahar - and ‘Space Is The Place’ from 2010 to 2013, where he was also resident DJ.
Alongside Twice and Volcov, he has contributed to the humus of 'Roots' in Verona and he's member of the Flying Machines duo with Twice.

Designer for the Neroli label since 2007, he's always involved in personal creative projects such as exhibitions and artistic collaborations, where he can let his graphic and expressive freedom flow and where he finds great inspiration for his music.

A man in continuous motion, native and original.

▃ NATIVE ( Flying Machines / Sounds Familiar )

in 65mq

Friday, September 5th | from 11pm to 3am
Aperitif time from 6pm

Free admission

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Venerdì 05-09-2014 alle 18:00

Dove: 65metriquadri

Indirizzo: Alzaia Naviglio Grande 54 Milano

Prezzo: --

Link: Sito Web dell'evento