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HOWIE B in 65mq

HOWIE B in 65mq



Howie's back!!!

He's one of the true polymaths of modern music. He's collaborated with Soul II Soul on their epochal Club Classics Vol 1 and he's been a lynchpin of the trip-hop scene in the 1990s.
Through his label Pussyfoot, his series of artist albums with Polydor under his own name (plus others as Skylab and various aliases), he built up his own reputation as a formidable artist in tandem with his growing prowess as a production genius across the ‘90s and 2000s.
Having worked with Tricky, Björk and U2, having remixed everyone from Annie Lennox to Placebo - passing through Garbage, Simply Red and New Order - his musical oeuvre is rarely paralleled in its diversity and significance.
In addition to the extensive output, he's always been a forge of ideas for new musical projects and collaborations, like e.g. the joint venture about music, poetry and visual art with Fabric's pillar Craig Richards.

He's always paid a special attention to the alternative fringes of Italian music, having collaborated with Casino Royale, Marlene Kuntz,
and, recently, with Ofeliadorme.

The latest solo album Down With The Dawn, with the likes of Gavin Friday (Virgin Prunes) and Joe Hirst (producer of everyone from Bloc Party to Roll Deep) working alongside him, was released on February for his brand new label HB Recordings.

Since the first time he came, it's been love at first sight between him and the 65 meter squared small-box.
So we're glad to announce Howie will come to visit us several times during the season.
You can call it residency or better pleasent jaunts.

▂ HOWIE B (HB Recordings / Pussyfoot)

Howie's bio written by Bill Brewster: http://goo.gl/iDIsUY

in 65mq

Thursday, September 18th | from 10pm to 2am
free admission

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Giovedì 18-09-2014 alle 18:00

Dove: 65metriquadri

Indirizzo: Alzaia Naviglio Grande 54 Milano

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