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AAlice 11 10 14

AAlice 11 10 14



There is something new in the night - it’s AAlice.

AAlice is q21’s new project for Saturday nights in Milan. It is that part of you that you always had to hide… now you can come free it with us!

In the 70's we got the TV shows, in the 80's we got the colours, in the 90's we were obsessed with raw magazines and grunge culture. Today? We got AAlice. Get ready!

Sliding Box with Maurizio Ravera (photographer)

Alice Room - Jey Kurmis (Hot Creations) and Christian Russo
Alexis Room (Privé) - Diskopolitan
Sick Room - Elle Vegas

Admission only on guest list.
From 00 - 01.30: €15 with drink
From 01.30 - 03.00: €20 with drink

For lists, information and tables:
Roberto Guagnano
cell: +39 329 063 9490

Uber + AAlice:
Add promotion code " robertomilano" to receive €15 to use for your first Uber ride! (Code valid for new users only)

Secure Parking: Garage Costa, via Costa 16


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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Sabato 11-10-2014 alle 23:55

Dove: AAlice

Indirizzo: Via Padova, 21 Milano

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