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Black Wax w/ DOS [BPitch Control / Circoloco DC10]

Black Wax w/ DOS [BPitch Control / Circoloco DC10]



Thursday, October 16th

Black Wax is back just in time to make you dance with DOS, a “Made in Italy” duo :Francesco “Frankie” Mami and Gian Piero “GP”.

Their careers as DOS began with their Dj-Sets at the legendary Cocoricò Club.

Eclecticism, continuously evolving style and constant
research for new sound references is what represents their view of the undergoing “crossover” in the musical industry and also the key elements that position them at the forefront in reaching new musical frontiers.
Their skills have taken them to share their work as sound designers of cinematographic productions, TV spots and fashion shows as well as numerous ghost-productions.
What really made a difference for their career and what keeps on fascinating them every year as the ultimate cherry on the cake, is their summer residence at Ibiza’s Circoloco at DC10.
2014 started with a good remix for System Of Survival’s release on the infamous Berlin based label Bpitch Control and is looking to end with interesting surprises.

You just can't miss it!!!

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Giovedì 16-10-2014 alle 23:00

Dove: TOM.

Indirizzo: Molino delle Armi angolo Via della Chiusa Milano

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