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25.10 Electric w/ Permanent Vacation [ Permanent Vacation ]

25.10 Electric w/ Permanent Vacation [ Permanent Vacation ]



Saturday, October 25th

Permanent Vacation è il duo che si cela dietro ad una delle più prolifiche Label di musica elettronica degli ultimi dieci anni. Culla di artisti come Azari and III, Hercules & Love Affair, John Talabot, Todd Terje, Mano Le Tough, Lake People solo per fare dei nomi, la label di Monaco è pietra miliare del suo genere che passa da disco music, dub techno ad elettronica con un suo suono ben specifico e riconosciuto.

Permanent Vacation + Dj Clay

Permanent Vacation [ Permanent Vacation - Ger ]

Founded by TOM BIOLY and BENJAMIN FRÖHLICH during Germany’s tropical summer of 2006, PERMANENT VACATION has not only survived in the obscure jungle of modern dance music, but has established itself as a flagship of the DISCO MOVEMENT and its variations such as BALEARIC, COSMIC, KRAUTROCK or PROTOHOUSE, all of which have become extremely popular on all continents.

If the label wasn’t enough the two also started to produce own tracks under the moniker Permanent Vacation (yes yes we know it’s the same name as the label).
So far Bioly and Fröhlich released a remix for their own artist Woolfy ss.Projections, which got a lot of attention from highly acclaimed DJs like Hell, Prins Thomas, Todd Terje, Solomun, the Innervisions Crew (Dixon, AME) etc. and their first EP called “TIC TOC” featuring Kathy Diamond on vocals and the massive club track “ZUCKER HUT” on the flipside.

They don’t necessarily play one style exclusively. Quite on the contrary, they are known for their extremely open, warm, still driving sets, consisting of psyched out disco, dub-techno, slow-mo house, early electro and leftfield pop.
Over the past years, they also earned a reputation by organizing parties and hosting various club nights in Munich, where they have played alongside highly respected artists such as Lindström & Prins Thomas, Chateau Flight, Todd Terje, Maurice Fulton, Joakim, Tim Sweeney, Peter Kruder, James Holden, Superpitcher, Holy Ghost!, Hercules and Love Affair etc.

Dj Clay [ Gloss Club/ IT ]

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Sabato 25-10-2014 alle 23:30

Dove: Gloss Club

Indirizzo: 32, molino delle armi Milano

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