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Thursday Spot is the brainchild of young DJs/producers who work in the Milan clubbing circuit. A desire to find a new intimate dimension, receptive for parallel proposals, has brought them to the 65 meter sqared box which becomes the ideal soundboard to talk confidentially about their projects. A platform dedicated to emerging realities, aimed at promoting the value of local DJs.

Special guest:

● STUMP VALLEY (Off Minor Rec. / Rush Hour no “label”)

In a recent article for Rush Hour Store in Amsterdam, Jordan Czamanski (half of Juju & Jordash and Off Minor Recordings’ label head) has said “Pretty mysterious but that’s not the appeal. Super diverse stylistically, but that’s not it either! – indeed you’ll uncover little about Stump Valley using the well worn tool of the internet, but what you do after hearing all of their tracks on the dancefloor, is chilling out and listen to them again.”

Raised from the ashes of an old project, Stump Valley is a funny old place in the countryside by the forest, where deers and boars run free in the street, that’s the place where the most of S.V. music was made.

“After years of djing and producing under different monikers, we decided to move our home studio and a big collection of vinyls to sample, to a place with no internet and no tv.! We lived there for 2 years producing music, trying to make something out of time, old sounding but modern conceived. When we decided there was enough material, we just put it online and in a space of time we would never expect, the most of the material was subscribed to labels.
In every release we use to have remixes with the alias Mtrpls, which is our urban side that takes us back in the streets where we grown up. Spinning records is our main thing, deep into the last 30 years of electronic”.

The SPOT resident:


Hailing from Verona, Milanese by adoption, Riccardo Bhi is committed to the dancefloor spreading a sound which is a condensation of house and techno fascinations.

in 65mq

Thursday, November 6th
from 10pm to 2am
free admission

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