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Generation next Leadeship training MILANO

Generation next Leadeship training MILANO



Generation Next is a leadership training conference, a unique opportunity for personal development in a Jewish framework. You will get the opportunity to develop practical skills in the field of Communication and Project Management.

Choose one of the following tracks:

- Becoming Unforgettable: Storytelling Strategies for engaging and impacting your audience with Lisa Lipkin. There is no finer tool for bringing your important message to life than through the power of a good story. This interactive two-day training will introduce participants to the power and value of storytelling as a communications tool. They will learn strategies for engaging an audience, identifying core narratives, using metaphors and other delivery techniques, illuminating values, and using personal memories to enhance communication.

- Turning visions into program ideas for your community with Lela Sadikario.This course is about turning visions into a reality, using a step-by-step approach to community programming:
1. Crafting the idea
2. Identify your vision
3. Design your program from scratch
4. Take action and make it happen
Participants will work in small groups and learn from each other's experiences in an aim to develop new and upgraded programs to answer the needs in the field.

The participation fee will be 50 euro (includes accomodation, program, food, but does not include transportation to Milan).

Participants can register on our website http://www.jregions.org/generation-next-registration/ by 2.12.2014.

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