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Il tempo manca solo a chi non ne sa approfittare. Gaspar M. de Jovellanos

> Home > Eventi a Napoli del 29-12-2017 > Vita Notturna > Whodamix [Night Spot] #2

Whodamix [Night Spot] #2

Whodamix [Night Spot] #2



Napoli's Manny Whodamanny, co-founder of Periodica Records pairing with guests to develop his aesthetics of dance music... * WHODAMIX [Night Spot] #2 * Whodamanny Invites: Special Guest: Roberto Bosco (Last Drop) Intuition and research. Those are the two keys of the artistic life of Roberto Bosco, label owner of Last Drop Records and refined performer of contemporary electronic scene. Simple and efficient pace, hypnotic sequences and harmonic twists: in this way he managed to establish itself internationally, without ever betraying that intimante and refined sound that led him to play in club like Barghain (Berlin) and Rex Club (Paris). At the end of 2007 he was selected by Orland Voorn as remixer for the track ‘Game One’ of the legendary Juan Atkins and then he worked on different releases for Figure of Len Faki, for the glorious Wave Music of Francois Kevorkian and for the prestigious label A.R.T. of Kirk Degiorgio. Through various projects he has expanded his knowledge about the different sectors of the electronic music, while maintaining a deep sound conception. Under the moniker of Introspective he went until 2013 through the soulful universe. The alias Woods instead, reflects the spiritual side of his artistic production. Finally Ichinen, collaborative project with Kiny (partner of Last Drop, founded in 2014) that deconstructs the canons of techno and hands in a world of insane atmospheres and emotional catharsis. Roberto Bosco continues, every day and tirelessly, to nourish his soul with music and to collect support in the field. Both as a DJ and as a producer, he has extensively tested his bents, starting his journey towards the perfect balance between work and creativity. ___________________________________________________________________________ Residents: Manny Whodamanny B2B Filippo Zenna (Periodica Records) Warm up by Ferdinando (Boudoir Crew)

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Venerdì 29-12-2017 alle 23:00

Dove: Boudoir Club

Indirizzo: Via Francesco De Sanctis 16 Napoli

Prezzo: Vario

Link: Sito Web dell'evento