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Dub Room vol.2 - Miniman

Dub Room vol.2 - Miniman



In 1997 MINIMAN made his first steps in electronic music. The piano, which he has been playing since the age of 14, his love for reggae, his experiences in bands and sound systems like ZION GATE HI FI naturally shaped his style. 'DUB JOURNEY' was his first self-produced album in 1998. Other songs also appeared on various compilations and other projects. He also started live mixing. A series of 7" vinyl were released from his meetings with ZION GATE HI FI. 'DUBLAND', the first digital dub release in France appeared in April 2002 on the album 'EN MARCHE POUR SION' produced by hardcore punk label THE AGE OF VENUS. He then toured along side leading dub acts ZION TRAIN, BUSH CHEMIST and IRATION STEPPAS. Debuts on the stage, which lead him to play with many other famous bands including EASY STAR ALL STARS, HIGH TONE, KANKA, MARTIN CAMPBELL, PRINCE ALLA, CONGO NATTY, IMPROVISATORS DUB, MANASSEH among others. Little by little, Miniman's sound widened its borders towards breakbeat, trip hop, industrial and trance. A sound enriched by samples, melodica, atmosphere and movie themes. 'OPUS IN DUB MINOR' went out in June, 2006 on HAMMERBASS records. This was an important step in style with the evolution of the rhythm and a deeper and more cosmic ambiance. From 2006 until 2011 his work focused mainly on an intense musical search in the studio, and a few live performances. The interest of MINIMAN in electronic and rock music was revealed during this period to be a real source of inspiration. In 2011 MINIMAN made a full return to live gigs, performing regularly with famous reggae singers EARL 16 and MURRAY MAN. In May of that year a new 7" vinyl release 'CHILDREN OF JAH' produced with EARL 16 on HITCHHIKER Records was released. MINIMAN's collaborations on stage were more than fruitful, so the French producer decided to reproduce in the studio the clear on-stage magic. In March 2012 a new album 'BACK TO ROOTS' was born which featured these collaborations with EARL 16 and MURRAY MAN. In April 2015, MINIMAN start a new collaboration with the dub producer DUB MACHINIST who also mixed the 'BACK TO ROOTS' LP in 2012. The track which came from this collaboration was WARRIOR DUB, relesed as an EP. WARRIOR DUB is also on MINIMAN's new album 'INSIDE' released in February 2016, a studio album which provides a more ethereal, expansive and intricate musical atomsphere than his previous live gig-inspired album. 'INSIDE' has a penetrating vibe of internal travel into the body to discover consciousness. DISCOGRAPHY 'Dub journey' first album audio tape only. (1998) 'En marche pour sion' second album cd - label the age of venus /distribution tripsichord (2002) 'Stars' - album cd - label the age of venus / distribution nocturne (sideproject 'Sevenseals' (2004)) 'Opus in dub minor' third album cd - label hammerbass / distribution nocturne (2005) 'Back To Roots' forth album cd – label Hammerbass (2012) 'Inside' fifth album (2016) MAXI & COMPIL 'Skank Lab 4' lp 12- label Acouphe ne/distrib Control Tower 'AmicalementDub' lp12–labelHirokoRecord/distribBurningBush 'Children of Judah' lp 12" -label Hitchicker record/distribution control tower record(juin 2011) " Dub land" lp12" zion gate music. 'alternative novo- dub 1' compilation cd - label hi- subway recordings. 'alternative novo- dub 2' compil cd hi- subway recordings. 'dub in france' compil cd productions speciales 'link up' cd irie ites record 'prions jah' 7" zion gate music. 'i dub you' compil cd hammerbass/emi 'from afar riddim' 7" zion gate music.

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Sabato 15-02-2020 alle 21:00

Dove: Zero81 - Laboratorio di mutuo soccorso

Indirizzo: Largo Banchi Nuovi, 10 Napoli

Prezzo: Vario

Link: Sito Web dell'evento