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Head & Composition Drawing Workshop with Glenn Vilppu

Head & Composition Drawing Workshop with Glenn Vilppu



Arts in Rome offers the Human Figure Drawing Workshops with Glenn Vilppu on June 2018 in Rome for a Complete Drawing Course. You can choose between 3 or 6 Days to learn how to draw from life. ° Head Drawing (3 Days) Date: 18-19-20 of June 2018 Where: Rome, Italy at Arts in Rome Price: 450 euro + 10 euro Membership Fee In this lesson we will begin the detailed analysis of the planes of the head, demonstrating from the Planes of the Head sculpture. The relationship of the underlying anatomical structure will also be demonstrated as it affects the surface planes. A discussion of variations in types of heads. This lesson will focus upon the differences and how they affect the overall individual character of the model. Expression – how to capture it from life as well as the fundamental elements that create a variety of expressions. Day 1. A thorough study of fundamental structure and procedures. Focus on understanding the skull and planes of the head as a foundation for drawing the head. Drawing heads from live model. Day 2. Short and long poses with model. Lessons on different types of heads and expressions. Day 3. Focus on rendering techniques including control of tones, cross hatching and three color approach. Use of water soluble pencils and sketching methods.Using photographs effectively without copying One Museum to be visited in according with the teacher. ° Composition (3 Days) Date: 21-22-23 of June 2018 Where: Rome, Italy at Arts in Rome Price: 450 euro + 10 euro Membership Fee When laying out the composition of a painting or a movie screen-shot, you need to know the fundamentals of composition. You don’t want to make errors in your composition that cause the viewer’s eye to stagnate on one spot in the drawing, or to “loop” around on unimportant aspects of your scene, or especially to be confused about what compositional tools and strategies to use. You want a clear understanding of what compositional tools are available to you and when it is good to use them. You want to feel confident that when you lay out your masterpiece, that you are doing it deliberately, with a thorough understanding of what you are doing with your composition. This training is ideal for anyone looking to master the art of composing an attention grabbing drawing, painting, movie scene, or art in any other form. Day 1) Morning -Introduction of compositional ideas and elements from classical to Baroque. Afternoon -Galleria Doria Pamphili Analyzing paintings based on the morning lecture. Day 2) Students will work on their own compositions based on the ideas studied. Glenn will work with students to develop their ideas and give more lessons on traditional procedures for developing compositions. Day 3) More work on student compositions using their sketches from life, crits and further development. ° Head Drawing + Composition (6 Days) Do you want to sign up both of the Workshops? Date: 18-19-20-21-22-23 of June 2018 Where: Rome, Italy at Arts in Rome Price: 900 euro + 10 euro Membership Fee

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Categoria: Mostre e Cultura

Quando: Alle 09:00 dal 18-06-2018 al 23-06-2018

Dove: Arts in Rome

Indirizzo: Via Pasquale Villari,1 Roma

Prezzo: Vario

Link: Sito Web dell'evento