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La grandezza dell'uomo si misura in base a quel che cerca (Martin Heidegger)

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Genesis - International Art Exhibiton

Genesis - International Art Exhibiton



“Culture Trend” Magazine (Ukraine) and Apparte (a format of the Curva Pura space, Italy) present an International art-project “GENESIS”. SAVE THE DATEs! ON THE 8TH OF NOVEMBER in the Velli gallery in Rome an opening ceremony of the International art-project “Without 3 steps GENESIS” will take place, which is organized by the “Culture Trend” Ukrainian magazine and the format Apparte - Appuntamenti d'Arte di Curva Pura. ON THE 9TH OF NOVEMBER another important event will take place - celebrating the collaboration between Ukraine and Italy, with the presence of the delegation from the Ukrainian Embassy. The idea of the project is to show the way to awareness, birth (Genesis) through internal transformation, rethinking. 11 artists from different countries will exhibit (Ukraine, Italy, Lithuania, Israel). The editorial office of the magazine had a very thorough way in choosing the participants: each one is a professional artist who will deserve your attention. The exhibition is conceptually divided into 4 zones. Each zone is the step to the “Genesis” - inner awareness and strength. At the Opening ceremony guests will have the opportunity to speak personally with the authors of the artworks, to know more about why they are situated in a specific area of the exhibition. The special artwork will be waiting in the last zone: there will be the empty canvas, with image appearing gradually, as the special light hits it. The exhibition is held under the Patronage of the Embassy of Ukraine in Rome. The partner is Jewelry House " TBelz" - at the exhibition we will present its special souvenir boxes with gifts that introduce the culture of Ukraine through all senses. The exhibition will be held until the 11 th of November in the Velli gallery by address Italy, Rome, Piazza di S. Egidio, 9. List of the participants: Вартан Маркарьян (Vartan Markarian) (Ukraine) Andrey Gladkiy (Ukraine) Kostiantyn Pletenetskyi (Ukraine) Lana Kaufman (Ukraine) Taras Yukhymuk (Ukraine) Mariko Gelman (Ukraine, lives in Czech Republic) Oleksii Gnievyshev (Ukraine, lives in Germany) Irena Pavlyshyn (Italy, was born in Ukraine) Michal Ashkenasi (Israel) Uri de Beer (Israel) Jurgita Rancevienė (Lithuania) Project's concept The exposition is divided into zones: - the first zone is the introductory and presents works which are executed in the style of minimalism with predominance of geometric forms. This zone symbolizes a person's state before an important path to awareness and rethinking. These are the ideas which a person has in the beginning: he/she reflects on the meanings, discusses important issues, but words prevail, there is not enough personal experience to feel and understand independently. - the second zone – Transformation. Here are the works that have a heavy emotional impact. But this burden is caused by a profound meaning, raising important questions that change the person inside, provoke the internal transformation. This zone symbolizes difficult periods in life, which require us not to break, but on the contrary - to strengthen, make us wise, strong and purposeful. - the third zone – Art-therapy. Presented here are the pictures-abstractions with pleasant light shades. This zone symbolizes the necessary charge that each of us needs in order not to lose the Human in ourselves, to be able to see the beauty, whatever happens in life, to be positive and energetic. - the final zone – Genesis. Presented here is the most important work on the subject, which embody the spiritual birth, rethinking. The one we encounter through the difficult stages in life. This zone – as a proof that wisdom cannot be explained – it must be experienced. And this wisdom makes us renewed thanks to the experience that we had. The work will be performed on a white canvas with special invisible paints. And to view the picture, you need to light it with a flashlight. About the project coordinator Cultural trend - a magazine about the values of cultural life. Format: printed and online. Language: Russian, Ukrainian, English The magazine is active in various cultural projects, including organizing exhibitions of paintings and photographs of Ukrainian talented masters, publishing a catalog with their works for distribution in Europe, and supporting young talents in Ukraine. About the co-organizer: Curva Pura is an innovative art space that is also home to the cultural organization River of Trees, and with it's format Apparte the team of Curva Pura is promoting and organizing international cultural events that are synergic and conversation inducing. Genesis is a second project that River of Trees carries out with the magazine Culture Trend.

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Giovedì 08-11-2018 alle 18:00

Dove: Palazzo Velli Expo

Indirizzo: Piazza di S. Egidio 10 Roma

Prezzo: Vario

Link: Sito Web dell'evento