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ItsSoGooD pres. Beppe Loda & Gino Woody Bianchi | Sheket

ItsSoGooD pres. Beppe Loda & Gino Woody Bianchi | Sheket



// ItsSoGooD // Sheket's new thursday funky-disco night is here! Hot names from the local and international scene will perform in our groovy pink velvet room... get ready! ◊ Beppe Loda [IT] ◊ Gino Woody Bianchi [IT / Metropolitan Recordings] ● BEPPE LODA Beppe Loda is an Italian eclectic composer, producer and dj. He studied piano and went to percussion’s school for three years. His dj career started in his home town “Manerbio” ( North of Italy ) at “Kinky” Club in 1973. Since the beginning he is recognized for his unusual style, mixing Rock music with Funky-Disco. At the end of the 70’s, his approach to African music, Space Disco, Dance / Electronic, New Wave etc. confirming his bizarre way of being a dj. At the end of 1980, he started his collaboration with “Typhoon” Club in Gambara (the Club has been built following Beppe’s instructions). A lot of new music’s trends started at Typhoon with the innovative sound of Beppe, influencing the Italian alternative music scene of the time and today all over the world. He was the first dj in Italy who started to mix in a club Electronic Music, New Wave, Industrial, Pop ( nowadays is mistakenly called “Cosmic Music” ). Beppe’s biggest revolution was the “Afro” style from which was born the “Afro Movement” (Fans of the “Afro” Music style); He played also Brazilian music, Rare Groove, Blaxploitation, Obscure Jazz/Fusion etc. During the 80’s , beside working as dj, he has been working on record productions, he gave consultations for different Italo-Disco records, mixing in different recording studio italo tracks and some of them became hits. Beppe is the founder of the music group “MC1” , based on a new music style called Italo-synth. He also started to be part of the music group “Egotrya” bringing their music more into the synth-prog. During these year, Beppe opened also a record shop in Brescia and he started to help record companies, giving them consultations about import and export. In 1990, he started a new project called “Sirus”, oriented on a new type of Space Music. In the middle of 90’s, Beppe founded a new project: “Italowerk” , oriented on “Italo-Disco-Synth”; and worked on “HD recording”; He has more then 60 remix made for other artists. Nowadays Beppe brings his music in the main European and American cities like London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, New York, Detroit, Chicago, Philly etc. One of the most important was in 2006 at MOMA in New York, The museum of Modern Art. He came back a second time at PS1 (Party of MOMA) on August 6th, during his tour in the summer of 2011. ● Sheket is an alchemycal mix of drink, contemporary food and groove that never stops. Sheket is the secret to keep for yourself, or to share. ● S H E K E T Via delle Botteghe Oscure, 33 | Rome IT Info & Dinner Reservations at: +39 349 37 09 115 Slow Club. Keep It For Yourself. #Sheket #SlowClub #ContemporaryRestaurant #Rome

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Giovedì 14-02-2019 alle 22:30

Dove: Sheket

Indirizzo: Via delle Botteghe Oscure, 33 Roma

Prezzo: Vario

Link: Sito Web dell'evento