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Pankow " Панков" live at Traffic Club // Roma

Pankow " Панков"  live at Traffic Club // Roma



Metamorphosis Club proudly presents: _________________________________ Pankow " Панков" (Electro industrial pioneers) Friday 15th November 2019 at Traffic Club, Rome. The Pankow formed in Florence in 1981 due to the will of Maurizio Fasolo (aka FM; author of the solo album " Angelus" ; ex-member of Clock DVA and Neon; occasional producer of Clock DVA, Lssigue Bendthaus, Bigod 20, Attrition, Sabotage, Temple Beat, Black Rose, Brazil, Hard Sonic B.3) together with Massimo Michelotti and Alex Spalck. With this line-up they released the ep " Das Vodka Chaos" -the vodka chaos- in 1984. In 1986 the new album by the Pankow entitled " Freiheit Fuer Die Sklaven" -freedom for the slaves- came out on the Florentine label Contempo (which will keep on releasing their records until the bankruptcy). In this lp Paolo Favati (ex-Temple Beat; Lassigue Bendthaus, Swamp Terrorist, Limbo, Sabotage, MeatHead, Temple Beat, Brazil, 100 Club W.W.F. Fabba, Alex D. Steak, L-R. producer; Blue Velvet studio & Dune Records ) and Alex Gimignani (Pick-Up, Gruppo L’Unità, Andropausa, Exit, John Trick and theTic-Tac Star, 84 Reflex, Doggy Clowners, Neon, Mystic Band, Linea, Reggae Revolution, Clock DVA, Acid Folk Alleanza member) played for the first time. The Pankow released further five albums and a number of singles on other important labels of the international electronic scene: Wax Trax (US), KK (B), Cashbeat (D), ABC (UK), Gennex (Czech), Minus Habens (I). The Pankow releases were produced among the others by Adrian Sherwood (On-U Sound), Rico Conning (Mute) and Paul Kendall (Mute, Factory). In 1993 after the release of " Treue Hunde" -faithful dogs- the Pankow entered a period of forced pause which determined the discographical silence until 1995, the year in which the new explosive album by the preeminently Florentine electronic group, featuring this time on the (italian) voice Gianluca " Limbo" Becuzzi. The Pankow undeniably represent a very important key band within the italian but even european electronic scene and their presence influenced a number of other projects of the EBM-industrial outline. The fact they are back today is fundamental in this period in order to restate the native brutality of this kind of musical expressions. The following interview was done by a faithful (treue) contributor, Diego " Kebab" Loporcaro, and is divided into four parts, respectively as many parts as the Pankow members. special guest_ DEFLORE DEFLORE is an explosive mix of electronic grooves, heavyndistorted instruments and psychadelic-noise atmospheres. A style the band use to call: Human Indu[b]strial. The industrial instrumental duo project DEFLORE, represented by master-minds Christian Ceccarelli and Emiliano Di Lodovico, start in 2000, and suddenly receive a big feedback from the local and european underground scene. The quality, originality and power of their live shows as well as the great feedback demonstrated by magazines, webzines and load of radio plays, suddenly catch the interest of Independent record label Subsound Records, that sign them during 2004 to produce and release their future albums. open act_ TBA Musick To Play In The Dark by Metamorphosis Club Group All genres. Must wear all black. Total Black. ___________________________________ Open 9pm // Start 10pm // Close 5am Ticket & Presales: all details very soon Traffic Club, Via Prenestina 738 [Roma]

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Venerdì 15-11-2019 alle 22:00

Dove: Traffic Live

Indirizzo: via prenestina 738 Roma

Prezzo: Vario

Link: Sito Web dell'evento