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TAV Falco • Cabaret of Daggers

TAV Falco • Cabaret of Daggers



Cabaret of Daggers is a high point in his vast discography with MOJO Magazine declaring " Four decades in to a career which began alongside kindred spirits Alex Chilton and The Cramps, Tav Falco's new album conjures up a potent blend of blues, jazz and tango rhythms in which 1920s Vienna café culture seamlessly rubs shoulders with Beale Street juke joints" Released in November 2018, Falco’s Cabaret of Daggers album is the most provocative and best-reviewed of his career, featuring newly-penned originals which question the sanity of our troubled times, alongside carefully-curated selections from the Great American Songbook. The album is available now on vinyl and download from ORG Music. In June, Tav Falco’s Panther Burns completed an acclaimed coast-to-coast tour of the U.S.A. Falco is the only constant member of his fervent and fabled band, Panther Burns. The group played its first show in a cotton loft in Memphis, Tennessee, on February 10, 1979. The lineup for that show comprised Falco (vocals, guitar), former Box Tops and Big Star frontman Alex Chilton (lead guitar, vocals), Ross Johnson (drums) and Eric Hill (synthesizer). Early years featured a revolving door of underground rock luminaries entering and exiting the band, including noted producer/session musician Jim Dickinson and Lydia Lunch and Nick Cave multi-instrumentalist Jim Sclavunos. Panther Burns thrived on the early 1980s music circuit and were a popular draw at such storied New York City clubs as The Peppermint Lounge and Danceteria. Despite Chilton’s exit from the live lineup in 1984, the band has carried on and released numerous albums, EPs, singles, and compilations. Raised in rural Arkansas and coming to musical prominence in Memphis, Falco eventually took up residence in Europe in the 1990s. After a transition in 2004 from Paris to Vienna, where the splendor of the old Imperial City on the Danube has infused the mood and spirit of Cabaret of Daggers. The album was recorded in Rome and two of its musicians will accompany Falco on the European tour dates: producer/arranger/guitarist Mario Monterosso and bassist Giuseppe Sangirardi. The drummer on the tour will be Walter Brunetti, also from Rome. When asked what fans can expect from the tour, Falco replied “WATCH OUT for your happy home. The 40th PANTHER HOWL Art-Action Happening is coming to your town! The Panther Burn Beat goes on and on! Bringing you songs of dissent, reckoning, and uptight America’s decline into global destruction. Dance the last naked Tango and behold a striptease of the senses that will leave your naked brain crying for more.” • BOOK AND INFO txt 3407996017 o 3496726683 Ingresso riservato ai soci

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Venerdì 15-11-2019 alle 22:00

Dove: La Conventicola degli Ultramoderni

Indirizzo: Via di Porta Labicana n.32 Roma

Prezzo: Vario

Link: Sito Web dell'evento