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Poesia Carnosa - My Dance The Skull : Ten Year Anniversary

Poesia Carnosa - My Dance The Skull : Ten Year Anniversary



Selva - Fanfulla 5a - Nero from 16.00h till 3.00h presents POESIA CARNOSA / MY DANCE THE SKULL TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY L edition : La Lingua Live performances JOHN DUNCAN & YELENA DE LUCA MITRJUSHKINA Yelena De Luca Mitrjushkina and John Duncan read from Mitrjushkina's forthcoming biography on John Duncan's life and work. JOACHIM MONTESSUIS His vocal performative work explores various states of trance through the extreme potentialities of amplification and electronic transformations of screams, throat singing, and also words. He designs his actions as processes, “noise poetry-codes reality fertilizers”. JABBABOY Jabbaboy moves between free jazz & noise & his latest record “Do your dirty work. I’ll do mine” is fresh and inspired. Files under: Kaoru Abe meets Dieter Roth. GRIP CASINO Grip Casino presents his new record - a new group of abstract blues pieces written for My Dance The Skull. I think of Robert Bresson: ‘Bring together things that have not yet been brought together and did not seem predisposed to be so’. CRISTINA PICIACCHIA Instructions is a series of actions designed by Cristina Piciacchia. The purpouse of this series is to provide information for anyone to encourage day dreaming, self reflection & self-liberation. MYRA JARA TOLEDO Myra was born in Lima in 1987 and lives in Rome. He studied literature in Peru, Germany and Italy and has practiced “Contemporary Dance” in Lima and New York. She published the poetic collection " La destrucción es blanca" (Lima, 2015). His poems have been published in various poetry magazines in Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Finland, Denmark. Myra will read us some poems that will make you feel the blood flowing over your skin. ACCHIAPPASHPIRT Acchiappashpirt is a sound and video poetry/poetronic duo between the albanian poet Jonida Prifti and the italian sound artist Stefano Di Trapani formed in 2008. Inspired by the ouija board concept “Poetry pilots the electronic sound through wirings and feedbacks and so turns it into poetry itself. Acchiappashpirt will present a new exclusive track about languages, tongues, and fractures, voice and vocoders. VALERIA SCISCIO' Cut and paste actress action , in a mixture of the timeless Majakovskij, the friendly Piumini, the comedian Kafka, something from Montale and Dulcis in fundo., Pavese. And then..... improvisation... DADDIES ON ACID The organ of silence, the texture of pleasure, stir the transparent memory of the skin, erect a temple of liquid moans and give matter to the dust of the word. This ephemeral territory where the tongue of the sounds wets the language clinging to the wall of the body, abyss in the slip of the infinite, your gaze is the horizon. kNN Is Renato Grieco. Brutist sound creation for tapes and speakers. NIKI FOREVER Nearly 80 years in the rough sea of ​​romance, a native of the Gargano, clinging to old Casilina, a metronotte that pursues, spur-nosed theatre, poet of the tormented and redeemed soul CASSANDRA Cassandra is a project of Claudia " Rae" Boom *. A sound and conceptual project, composed of noise, sounds, images, suggestions, distortions, interferences, voices " from the beyond and from the cool" , bowels, organs, illnesses, decidedly wrong thoughts, words, confusion. It's a psycho-noise sauce. Self-portraits. Films ISABELLA MONGELLI Untitled 2019 / 3:00 mins Let the 10 year anniversary celebration begin with a heartfelt video message by Isabella. Oscillating between suspension and acceleration the video presents a succession of titles and greetings. JAMES HOLLENBAUGH The first part of this program consists of a series created with Tennessee-based performance artist Bryan Lewis Saunders and sound artist Z’EV. Combining both original and found footage these short films have also played in gallery installations and as visual accompaniments to live performance by both Saunders and Z’EV. In the past 5 years Hollenbaugh has been concentrating on Super 8mm non-traditional documentary portraits focusing his attention on American outsider artists whom he considers extraordinary. These films have received much acclaim, playing internationally at film festivals, museums, universities, and galleries, as well as being featured on German television. Three of these portraits will conclude this program centering on the lives of Bryan Lewis Saunders, Susan Lowe, and William Mayer. The Social Masochist 2010 / 2:10 mins Film Collaboration with Bryan Lewis Saunders If My Mother And I Were Monkeys I'd Be Dead 2010 / 2:10 mins Film Collaboration with Bryan Lewis Saunders Mercury 2011 / 10:25 mins Original / Found Footage make up this short experimental piece based on the spoken word of Tennessee artist Bryan Lewis Saunders. " One day it just hit me how the geological composition of Earth could be the perfect metaphor for cognitive psychology. Then the isolation I feel when I am severely depressed set in and instantly I felt alone, as if my brain was a lot more like the planet Mercury." - Bryan Lewis Saunders DAKU 2012 / 38:20 mins Bryan Lewis Saunders delivers a feverish spoken word journey through a mysterious stomach ailment attributed to an elusive & abusive entity known as Daku. Collaboration with Bryan Lewis Saunders and Z'EV. Created with original and found footage. Self Portrait Portrait 2014 / 5:47 mins Bryan Lewis Saunders has been creating a self-portrait every day for nearly twenty years. This short documentary examines his process and determination to create, without pretension or boundaries. Each portrait is a unique slice from Bryan's daily life exploring a wide range of emotions, desires, and fears. Nuthouse Drawings 2015 / 5:35 mins Susan Lowe is most well known as an actress in the early movies of filmmaker John Waters. This short portrait film focuses on Susan's life as an artist and in particular her works known as 'Nuthouse Drawings'. Sometimes thought of as painting friends, Susan started creating these works while staying at a psychiatric hospital. Serving as a way to battle her depression, fear, and loneliness, the 'Nuthouse Drawings' are a one of a kind look into the mind of one of Baltimore's most imaginative artists. Scratch 2015 / 1:00 Experimental / abstract short film / sound collaboration with artist Z'EV. The Paintings Paint Themselves 2017/ 6:15 mins For the past 20 years, New York based, self-taught artist Bill Mayer has been creating an exuberant and startling body of work that captures the gritty street life of pre-Bloomberg New York City and reimagines classical painting genres inspired by lifelong visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Mayer invites us to his studio—housed inside a 200-year old hotel in Davenport New York—for an intimate look at his art as formal practice, expressive therapy and a way to create the worlds he wants to see. LEIF ELGGREN Cataloguing a collection of works from 1999 to the present, this is an important overview of the Elggren’s pursuit of the hidden secrets and spectral enigmas found within the everyday. What marks Elggren’s video works is an understanding of how image and sound work together to infuse the electronic material with an element of the uncanny, and to supply the imagination of the viewer with a glimpse onto infinity. As if I was my father 1999 / 10:50 mins Sleeptalk 1999 / 12:26 mins Ventilation 2008 / 15:59 mins Celebrations of a revolution 2002 / 10:02 mins Waiting for... 2008 / 12:13 mins Inside 2005 / 15:55 mins Happiness of angels 2008 / 2:50 mins y & b 2009 / 1:20 mins JOHN DUNCAN MAZE 1995/9:00 mins Locked naked and blind in a room with strangers. How long would we be left there? CAGED 2015/5:03 mins It's all part of a game between the guards who follow the rules and the inmates who defy them, both slaves to a system that cares nothing for them except as feed. HORROR OBSOLETE 2017/18:55 mins Endless Mardi Gras/ Your love is all love. An illusion. A lie. Your affection is a sham. Was it ever really there? What difference does it make? JAAP BLONK Flababble 2011 / 2:26 mins A slow-motion video of myself shaking my head, with a sound track of processed vocals. Duration 2:26 Song for the Cubists 2010 / 1:49 mins I processed a low-resolution video of a burning candle. The sound track was made of voice samples. Duration 1:49 TOM WHITE Displacement sites 2011 / 8:45 mins A family, along with their many pets, appear to have settled on the periphery of modern society. A haze of illuminated floats flash through an unseasonably warm evening. Captured over the course of a weekend. Edited in-camera on 16mm, collaged with found and composed sound. First Thought On The Incline 2011 / 05:10 mins First Thought On The Incline is the coming together of two disparate landscapes. The seemingly unedited film chimes to the sound of an uncontrollable, archaic machine. ENZO MINARELLI Dialogi d’amore tra un microfono e un elastico 2019 / 2:44 mins The Poetry Archive, Knuth Hall San Francisco State University 14 ottobre 1993, San Francisco da Polipoesia 3 1987 SICK LLAMA/EVIL MOISTURE The brain leeches pt.3 2019 / 3:41 mins Melting knowledge 2019 / 04:50 mins Animated using ganbreeder, photoshop and after effects. Audio is from an upcoming LP out on Premier Sang, recorded live at p38 Gallery Paris. Tapes, electronics and clarinet. PIANO GRANDE Prendo a schiaffi me stessa per non prendere a schiaffi voi 2019/1:00 min A message for the world. No, I'm not calm and yet no, I'm not worried: I'm busy slapping myself not to beat you up. GLANDS OF EXTERNAL SECRETION Blue waffle image search 2019 / 8:30 mins Inspired by The Curtain Lady Of Rhode Island, the eight-and-a-half-minute “Blue Waffle Image Search” uses text assembled from artist bios in a large anthology of amateur photography, recited over a montage of looped fragments of music and unclear sound. The grainy, black-and-white video, shot entirely with mobile phone, explores the psychological effect of unhealthy preoccupation with and fear of being forgotten. Barbara Manning: voice, guitar, S. Glass: loops Audio recorded, mixed, and edited at No Spray 205, San Francisco Video edited by Mike Bahr at Fluxus Enigma Studios, Fair Oaks Special thanks to Lucian Tielens BREN’T LEWIS ENSEMBLE TV Cheese 2019 / 9:00 mins Named after one of a series of advertising posters created and displayed by a local grocery store, “TV Cheese” was inspired by the cut-up technique of A Big 10-8 Place, Flee Past’s Ape Elf, and “Bomb Plus Bomb Tape.” The original 1980s tapes containing initial unedited pieces were lost and it remained unrealized until it was revisited for inclusion on The Thirteenth Century German Poet (And Who Can Forget Him) (BUFMS 2016). The nine-minute collage juxtaposes recognizable and obscure samples from numerous pop culture sources (rock music, movies, television, radio, children’s records, thrift store cassettes) with fragments from the group’s own radio shows, plays, movies, and recording sessions. Participants: Fuzzy, Lucian Tielens, Lindy Lettuce, Gnarlos, Tim Smyth, The City Councilman, Tom Timpson Audio mixed and edited at No Spray 205, San Francisco Video edited by Mike Bahr at Fluxus Enigma Studios, Fair Oaks KOMMISSAR HJULER & MAMA BAER Stupid time - a film in 3 parts 2011 / 20:00 mins The three parts focus on aspects of Mama Baer's development in life as an Asperger autism, and this before she got her diagnosis, so simply the development of the feeling, that she does not fit society. Follow him Pt.1 A fictive story, that she follows something without thinking about the fact why, it depends on her up-bringing by her parents, shed had to fit situations, often failed. Question Pt.2 Why things happened, why she followed someone, why she failed? For the main control Pt.3 Mama Baer breaks out from her situation, by part under Hjuler’s direction. A remarkable situation here is Mama Baer inside a hall for planes, camera running onto her, she is screaming as weird as one can do, and a break in her life. ANDREA KEARNEY Rehearse/Perform/Re-stage (Trio) 2019 / 7:00 mins A trio of attempted unison. Rehearsal and performance footage of Untitled Transcript - a work that uses visual scores for movement - at Cafe OTO in 2018; forgotten and re-staged one year later at Siobhan Davies Studios. DYLAN NYOUKIS I found a photocopy of a dream in the street & it sent me to sleep 2018 / 2:48 mins A short " advert" by Dylan Nyoukis for a tape he released called " I found a photocopy of a dream in the street & it sent me to sleep' KAREN CONSTANCE Untitled 2019/8:20 mins The hand-coloured images wobble & writhe, a complex collage come to life! The overlaying and undercutting images create a sinister narrative while frantically jogging and jostling to the whacked-out Blood Stereo sounds. with Lorenzo Lustri / Enrico Infidel D'Elia FROM 16 00 TILL 3 00 ingresso a sottoscrizione 5 euro con tessera ARCI 17 november 2019 Fanfulla 5a - Roma ---------------------- " Lo sguardo che si pone sulle palle non può mai essere come lo sguardo lo pone sulle tette. Questa sera vi darò un handicap sillabò era un bue di ieri. E' da un manicomio. Apprezzo il bozzo m'arde il gozzo il gargarozzo del signor aprendo il porro se vuole il carro dentro al fremere perché mi chiamo Odor" . -------------------------- Poesia a 8 mani = Cristina Marguerita - Jonida Prifti - Stefano Di Trapani - Marco Cazzella ---------------------------

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Domenica 17-11-2019 alle 16:00

Dove: Fanfulla 5/a - Circolo Arci

Indirizzo: via fanfulla da lodi, 5/a Roma

Prezzo: Vario

Link: Sito Web dell'evento