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Natalia Skvortsova Italian Quartet

Natalia Skvortsova Italian Quartet



Natalia Skvortsova is a well known Russian jazz pianist, distinguished composer and arranger, music teacher, leader of Live People Ensemble and " The face of Russian Jazz Underground" (Rolling Stone magazine).
I and Russian Improvised Music
«Many years ago I realized that I knew so a lot of about American and European jazz, but almost nothing about what musicians of my country did to enrich jazz by Slavic culture. I used to study the classical music legacy of the greats like Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Stravinsky and Shostakovich who had explored the space of Russian identity and philosophy in the footsteps of geniuses like Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Bulgakov, Chekhov, etc. I suddenly realized that jazz music and the Russian soul had a lot in common. I also continued my research into contemporary jazz improvisation and the styles of modern music. From that moment I had looking for a ways to combine these different music traditions in idea of Russian contemporary improvised music!
My band Live People Ensemble was created in Moscow in 2005. It performs both original pieces written by me and adaptations of jazz standards. We have developed active contacts with FANCYMUSIC original music label. In 2013 alone two albums — The Movement and The New Cities — were released and in the end of 2015 I presented the last album which called Planes. This CD was greeted with great interest by the critics and engaged in Europe Media Jazz Chart. I am sure our intelligent and refined music will not leave the adepts of new jazz untouched. It's original, sincere, reflective and inspired».
Curriculum Vitae:
Natalia Skvortsova was born in Moscow in 1974 and has graduated Moscow State University of Culture and Arts. Member and co-author of Live People Quartet, Post-Jazz Trio, Fusion Port, Beyond the Horizon Project and InNa projects. Cooperated with Emanuele Cisi, Accordi Disaccordi, Andrea Beccaro, Asketics, Dmitry Mospan, Mir Station, Mike Ellis, C.L.O.N.E., Sergey Manukyan and many others. A regular member of Saulkrasti Jazz, Usadba Jazz, Jazz Koktebel, Leo Records, Radio 1jazz.ru, Gnesin Jazz and other jazz festivals.

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