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Chi non ha fatto niente non sa niente. Thomas Carlyle

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Gold Mass - Songwriter dark and intimate soul. Release Party

Gold Mass - Songwriter dark and intimate soul. Release Party



Giovedì 23 Gennaio - ore 22.00, Ingresso 5 euro - Gold Mass - Songwriter dark and intimate soul. Gold Mass debut album is coming soon. Produced by Paul Savage (Mogwai, Arab Strap, Franz Ferdinand, Delgados). My head is a siege of thoughts. My body feels. We are nothing else. Such a powerful process by which we explore the world and react. We move from one state to another. We experience Transitions. That’s all life is. We store information, all the memories we keep with us. We elaborate and build our beliefs. We are our experience. My expression in life is female. My response is intense. My heart is an abode with many rooms where disquiet, fragility, irony, sensuality, and strength all coexist. Any gesture or word will reveal such a superposition of moods. I feel no contrast at all. The inner core of all, the gold mass, is the only thing that matters. Our essence. I am a songwriter and my name is GOLD MASS. My music has a dark and intimate soul. There’s no malice nor superficiality in the creative moment. There’s not even the thought of an audience. Writing for me is first of all an intimate act, there is nothing else, there is no one else. My songs are always born out of a tension that I need to express in words and sounds. I only write about things that I live. That’s my way of understanding what I feel and emancipating myself from it. Only then I feel released. Some say art is an exorcism, music is a big prayer. I believe this is true. It’s not just a matter of passion, writing music is a powerful therapy. And when it’s done, it keeps you the sweetest company. It may even become entertainment for someone else who resonates with it. It’s a fascinating communication cycle.

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Giovedì 23-01-2020 alle 22:00


Prezzo: Vario

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