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TEDxCrocetta 's OPEN DAY

TEDxCrocetta 's OPEN DAY



Do you love Torino? Do you enjoy sharing ideas? Are you eager to make a difference? Come join us at TEDxCrocetta, a nonprofit cultural association of volunteers devoted to " Ideas worth spreading" in Torino. We are hosting an Open Day on November 23, where we will share how our organization works and how YOU
can help us.

TEDxCrocetta is looking for people who are willing to cover specific roles inside the association. However, if any of the roles below fit you, but you are willing to be part of our team, you are more than welcome to join us. We will find together which area can be the best for you.

Fund Raiser team is looking for:
- people with experience as fundraisers/fundraising consultants
- accountants
- people willing to contact prospects and apply to public/private grants

HR - Human Resources team is looking for:
-Counselor (occupational psychologist)
-Coach/soft-skill trainer
-Human Resources expert
-People person who is naturally good with people and with relationships

IT team is looking for:
-Computer enthusiasts
-Nerds and geeks (especially if you have a quadcopter)
-Programmers, preferably having experience with site building (Wordpress is a plus) and iOS/Android development.
-Anyone with at least one pacman shirt that has some experience in handling video and audio stuff as well as a great attitude in taking responsibility, working alone, and wants to have fun!

Logistic team is looking for:
-set designer
-sound designer
-expert in logistic
-curios people who are willing to explore places in Turin area

PR team is looking for:
-graphic designer
- social media expert

Speaker team is looking for:
-Public speakers trainers
-People interested in coaching (good proficiency in English or English mother tongue)

Please register at the Eventbrite link here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/open-day-tedxcrocetta-registration-14317212167?aff=facebook

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