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WEIRDOPE \ December 5th ‣ Partying Like It's 1933 + NOBEL (Lucky BeardDoner Music)

WEIRDOPE \ December 5th ‣ Partying Like It's 1933 + NOBEL (Lucky BeardDoner Music)



\ While weather's getting colder, we're getting hotter than ever and we are ready to announce the second party of WEIRDOPE's season 2.
Why 1933? Cause this very same day, on the 5th of December, 1933, prohibition got shut down & everybody started popping beers again.

\ We are proud to announce our next guest: Nobel (Lucky Beard DONER MUSIC);
Francesco Bocchini Padiglione, aka Nobel was born in Turin on 31/12/1986 and lives in Milan.
After graduating from the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan in Sound Design in 2010, he devoted himself to the production of electronic club music .
In 2011, he signed a three-year contract with Malente’s international label " No Brainer" as part of the duo " Say Dubai”. The first EP " Bum" features remixes by Sam Tiba (Club Cheval / Marble / Mixpak) and Look Like (Get Flavor / Top Billin).
In 2013 he published his first Nobel EP " The Sound" out on international label " Cocobass" (famous for the “Bubbles” release by LOL Boys). It contains official remixes by Krueger (Sylverback / Mixpak) and the US Kozee (Molveltraxx / Top Billin / Sound Of Sumo).
Also in 2013, he won the " Reemix" contest by Reebok thanks to his remix of the track " Giga" by Crookers, winning the chance to play live at his side at Dude Club in Milan.
Since 2004 he has taken his DJ sets in various prestigious Italian and European clubs, including Tunnel Club (Milan), Magnolia (Milan), Rashmon Club (Rome), Chapeau Rouge (Prague). In 2013 he was resident DJ at " Saturday Electronic" Rocket Milan.
In 2014 he started working with Big Fish’s Doner Music, with which he published " Cars" in the Doner Bombers Compilation and " Lil John Theory," single whose video was premiered on the Red Bull website.
Co-founder and contributor to the Ptwschool website, he also curates " Babylon”, a weekly program on Rai Radio 2.

\ Along with Nobel, THE AMBASSADORS, PALINDRØME, Nembo Kid & ByeBeers will keep you warm and extremely entertained during the fiesta night.
Come kick it with us, bring all Your friends and be ready to bounce to some freaky tunes that'll make you go dumb (who cares about genres, you know what we love to play).
The party formula stays the same:
- No guestlists
- No VIP / Privè
- No photos / No videos
- No regrets

\ Entry $: up to You all night

@ Astoria (home of the best #hashtags in Turin)

\ Supported by Vans

\ Media Partner:
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