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Europe Cafè, an European debate

Europe Cafè, an European debate



Hi folks!

AEGEE-Torino is proud to present you the brand new " Europe Café - discover and debate Europe" , the one and only international café in Turin, to gather people from all over the world to talk together about Europe.


Topic of the day: Did the Wall actually fall?

The fall of the Berlin wall marked a surprising end to a conflict that divided Europe in two blocks for a long time and represented a fundamental landmark for the reunification process of Europe. Twenty years later, with the enlargement of EU, Europe has never looked so different. But did we really cross the boundaries that socially and culturally divide the two sides of Europe? Have you ever wondered if Western countries underestimate Eastern countries? How much do Western and Eastern countries know about each other? Did the Immigration issue actually change our perspectives and broke stereotypes about other nationalities?
We invite you to join our informal and interesting discussion about these issues (and many more!)! The discussion will take place on Wednesday 10th December, in the cozy atmosphere of Luna'storta, where you can also taste delicious cakes and teas!!

Aegee-Torino is waiting for you!! :D

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Quando: Mercoledì 10-12-2014 alle 17:00

Dove: Luna'sTorta

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