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FALLEN ANGELS : A solo show by FIKOS

FALLEN ANGELS : A solo show by FIKOS



On January 10th 2015 we will inaugurate a solo show with the Contemporary Byzantine painter Fikos from Athens, Greece.
Fallen Angels by Fikos is a theme chosen by the artist that is a visual reflection of a difficult period. Angels as he explains, helps to get you through hard times and at the same time make you realize that the fall is a really use full process if you take advantage of it, and realize more about you. So, we always get better after a fall, but the show focuses on the moment of the fall.
The original art works made exclusively for this show in the Galo Art Gallery are painted with eggtempera, ink, and gold leaves on canvas or cotton paper.
His technique comes from fascination with Byzantine art from a young age and his influence and time spent as a graffiti artist and iconographer. He perfected his technique of Contemporary Byzantine painting during his studies at the association for the study of Byzantine iconography “Eikonourgia”, from which he graduated in 2007.
Since then his work can be seen on large scale murals whether commissioned from a church or street art festivals around the world.

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Sabato 10-01-2015 alle 17:30

Dove: Galo Art Gallery

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