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Dall'8 al 12 Aprile, in un'oasi immersa tra le dune del deserto si celebrerà l'ultima edizione del Transahara,
il primo ed il più importante festival Psytrance del Marocco.
Quest'ultima edizione vedrà come ospiti alcuni tra i migliori artisti del panorama psytrance internazionale e a rappresentare l'Italia ci saranno i connazionali Pedroine e Pix del team di Alternating Beats fiancheggiati dai
superdjs Fog e Giorgio IV.

Per affrontare al meglio questa incredibile avventura abbiamo deciso di darvi un assaggio di quello che sarà
il Transahara Festival e per farlo nel migliore dei modi abbiamo reclutato 3 Supereroi Psychedelici
che riusciranno sicuramente a farvi sentire il calore del deserto:
KLIMENT LIVE e DJSET from Zenon Records dalla Bulgaria,
MASTER MARGHERITA LIVE e DJSET from BlueHourSounds dalla Svizzera che presenterà il suo NUOVO DOPPIO CD dal titolo " Afro Dots" ed infine la superLady che con i suoi djset ha infuocato i migliori dancefloors del pianeta, JAZZMINE from BlueHourSounds.

Ad affiancare questi 3 mostri sacri della Psytrance il duo PEDROINE e PIX from Alternating Beats con le loro sonorità deep e dark prog.
Ed infine per rendere davvero speciale quest'evento, la scenografia sarà affidata alle sapienti mani della Looney Moon Deco ed arricchita dalle arti visionarie di VJ TRIBE.

Close your eyes and follow your souls, desert dunes are waiting for you !!!


Transahara festival, the first and most important Psytrance festival in Morocco, is coming on April 8/12 in an oasis amid the dunes in the Sahara desert.
This edition will see some of the best artists of the world's psytrance scene and Pedroine and Pix from the Alternating Beats team will represent Italy, backed by Fog and Giorgio IV djing.

To face this incredible adventure at best we decided to give you a preview of what Transahara festival is going to be and in order to do so we recruited 3 psychedelic super heroes that will make you feel the desert heat: KLIMENT LIVE from Bulgaria (Zenon Records), MASTER MARGHERITA LIVE and DJ SET from Switzerland (BlueHourSounds) presenting his new double CD called " Afro Dots" and finally JAZZMINE (BlueHourSounds), the superlady who did set on fire the best dancefloors of the planet.
Backing these 3 giants of psytrance, the Pedroine/Pix duo from Alternating Beats with their deep and dark prog sound.
Finally, to make the event really special, the set design will be handled by Looney Moon Deco's wise hands and enriched by VJ TRIBE's visionary arts.



Elektrik Dream / Zenon Rec / Bulgaria

Born in 1981, Kliment Dichev is a Bulgarian composer and producer with more than 10 years of experience in various musical genres. Since 1999 he is actively involved into music production, and performing in his country, and starting from 2003 he is already receiving invitations for big European festivals such as Sziget, Boom, Ozora, Soulclipse, No manís land, while his tracks are being played and released by many Djs, radios, labels and portals over the world. His unique live act experience unites different forms of electronic styles such as trance, tribal and minimalism under the progressive vibration, and from 2012 his tracks will start featuring the renowned Zenon records label.
Characterized with a deep atmosphere and solid groove, Klim lifts up the crowd into an emotional journey on the dance floor. His side projects feature Kliment downtempo (ethnic ambient and idm), Once Upon A Time (psy trance solo project, Bluehour Sounds recs), Goatika (international ethno electronic band) and Samodelia in trance (night trance). Beside electronic music, Kliment has also wide experience in film score,theater and performance music, commercials and spots, sound design and field recording. His nowledge, skills and projects make him one of the renowned producers from Bulgaria, with numerous warm up
gigs along world known artists such as Juno Reactor, Transglobal Underground, Banco de Gaia, Moshic, Vibrasphere, Son Kite, Atmos.

BlueHourSounds Rec / Swiss
(New album launch)

Master Margherita aka Moreno Antognini, is a musician based in Switzerland. Since 1988, he has been very active in the european music scene where his first steps were as a bass player in various Rock'n'Roll bands. But in 1994 he started composing tracks which mixed and matched live instruments with all sorts of electronic " devices " . This experimentation saw a change of musical direction for him into the world of " ambient " soundscapes. Since then his talent has been appreciated in many styles, from french text songs, to experimental techno, via ethnic grooves and reggae.
In 2003, with trance dj - Gaspard, musician - Ajja S.F.Leu and artist - Tanina Munchkina, he took part in the creation of PEAK records (the first Swiss psychedelic trance label). Peak records is now one of the top underground labels, with over 10 releases (compilations, artist albums - all psychedelic trance or chill out / ethno ambient).
Master Margherita has collaborated in all sorts of artistic creations where music is involved, including music for theatres, documentaries, fiction movies, labels, and many multimedia performances. - See more at:
For Afro-Dots, Master Margherita's 4th studio album to be released on Blue Hour Sounds. A dynamic showcase on the diversity of styles that this music composer can create.
Presenting a high resolution velvety sound design, Master Margherita's second release on BlueHourSounds is filled with deep hypnotic grooves & dub tribal sounds, creating a journey through atmospheric landscapes, while providing ultimate relaxation next to an absolute uplifting experience. We are led across percussion tones, smooth breaks, groovy baselines, psychedelic synthesizers and altering beats, having our senses tuned into the best state of mind where all styles can be enjoyed, from atmospheric Chill Out, to trippy Dub mellow Deep House and solid Dark Progressive Psytrance.
Afro-Dots is a big mashup of styles and textures, an interpretation by Master Margherita of the many facets that can be manifested through Psychedelic sounds.

BlueHourSounds Rec / Italy

Born in South Germany in 1981 from a turkish father and german mother. Inspired by her turkish family of musicians and actors and their hot-blooded passion for expressive arts, Jazzmine discovered her love for music at an early age, encouraged by the warm support of her parents.
Singing and dancing through her childhood and teenager years, she arrived at being the front singer of a popular 'rhythm and blues / funk' band at the age of 16.
In the meantime she finished art school, where she learned to express herself through various media - pixel, pen and colour.
Her love for psytrance started with a visit in Munichís ëNatraj Temple' in 1999, and after some years of various activities around the scene (Chaishop, Deco, Clothing), she started mixing Psychedelic Trance, having her first official appearance as a dj in 2003.
Playing gigs all over Europe, one day (March 2008), she was invited to Bologna, where she met Luca - and a new era of her life was born.
They founded 'Blue Hour Soundsí in 2009, and have kept going ever since.
Jazzmine, as well as being the co-owner and DJ for BHS, created the image of the project - from logo to website, including a solid amount of CD/EP covers for releases on BHS.
Her style - in both graphics and music - can be described as ëorganic psychedelic, serious, but self-ironicí.
Jazzmine has played all over Europe, including Boom Festival (Portugal), Tundra Festival (Lithuania), Antaris (Ger), Waldfrieden (Germany), Blackmoon festival (IT), Freqs of Nature (Ger), Cosmo Festival (UK), Metsa Festival (Finland), Forest Star Festival (Sweden) and countless other beautiful festivals and indoor parties.
In 2014 she finished compiling her first ëvery owní compilation, which is going to be the 10th CD release on BHS, called ëSongs of Experienceí. It is based on friendship and collaboration, featuring tracks born from collaborations between musicians. You can find more info about Jazzmine, the new releases and Blue Hour Sounds on

Alternating Beats / Trancemission Project

Alternating Beats is a Psybreaks/Psytechno/Darkprog musical concept.
It brought to light such genres in Italy supported by artists as Hedflux, Neurodriver,Too Dusty, BlueHourSounds Rec etc.. The crew has been actively involved in the organization and promotion of open-air parties, blasting the second stages and ever receiving positve feedbacks by the audience.
This DJs duo is formed by:
Pedroine, age Class 1983, heís been a Psy Trance DJ since 2000 and active member of the Trancemission project which got him to share stages with major international and national artists. In 2013 he founds the Alternating Beats project together with Pix.
Pix his 23 years old young DJ, grew up among Psy Trance parties and Techno Rave ones how with its fresh and percussive sound have won the ears of people much older
Their B2B DJ Sets combine deep psychedelic sounds with dark entrancing basslines, never exceeding 135 bpm. and recalls sensations through soul and heart.




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