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ASTORIA OCÙLTA ∞ POWELL ∞ Abele & Caino ∞ Sabla

ASTORIA OCÙLTA  ∞ POWELL ∞ Abele & Caino ∞ Sabla




Friday, March, the 6th
Astoria Basement
Via Berthollet 13 - Torino
h23.00 - €5 / €10 (including drink)

Powell (Diagonal, Uk)
Abele & Caino (Oobe and Aniello from Opal Tapes)
Sabla (G.o.d.)

Powell (Diagonal, Uk)

Oscar Powell makes music that sounds ill right down to its splintered bones. His releases so far, from his debut EP The Ongoing Significance of Steel & Flesh and its follow up Body Music, both for his own label Diagonal, and his forthcoming EP Fizz for Liberation Technologies possess something of no wave’s artful, obnoxious sonic provocation beneath the economical technoid thrust. Indeed, while people have been quick to group Powell with the new dawn of industrial techno (this is undoubtedly music of a certain heft and austerity) it’s a sound that recalls NYC basements more than Brummie warehouses. The flinty, off-beat percussion, the notable lack of reverb, his sudden recourse into piercing frequencies, all have the effect of creating a strain of techno that feels as if it’s clenching in on itself, a heaving, feverish clump of muscle and sinew. Body music indeed. But there’s a bone-dry sense of humor too. His own DJ sets have seen the one-time junglist attempt to redraw the rules of what’s acceptable for an—ostensibly—techno DJ to play. You’ve only to watch his Boiler Room set for an timely outing of Creedence Clearwater Revival… And that’s before we get to the Sieg Heils. Time, then, for some explanations.

Abele & Caino (Oobe and Aniello from Opal Tapes)

Sabla (G.o.d.)

ASTORIA OCÙLTA // February - May 2015 //

Lee Gamble
Inga Copeland
S Olbricht
Stump Valley
Double Decker
Sergio Ricciardone
Guido Savini
Vaghe Stelle

More to come.

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