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SUPERBOWL PARTY, february 3rd @SHAMROCK INN! 7screen +1cinema!

SUPERBOWL PARTY, february 3rd @SHAMROCK INN! 7screen +1cinema!



Turin International Party is glad to invite u to see together the XLVII SUPERBOWL in New Orleans!

we'll stay together all night long from the beginning of the show with super discount for food and drinks to see the most important match of the year! last but not least this year the great HALF TIME SHOW with BEYONCE' and JAY Z!

super guest of the night all the player of the football team of Turin GIAGUARI... come on GIRLS!:)

and we'll have party with dance music until the morning with DJ BECCA!

Special prices for you:
3 long drinks 10
2 beers 5

Hamburger+FrenchFries+3beers 15
Eggs+Bacon+FrenchFries+3beers 15

for reserve your table free write us to or write us inbox on facebook!

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Categoria: Food & Drink

Quando: Domenica 03-02-2013 alle 21:00

Dove: Shamrock Inn Turin

Indirizzo: Vittorio Emanuele II, 34 Torino

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