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Radiant Rhetoric Toastmaster Meeting: #23

Radiant Rhetoric Toastmaster Meeting: #23



Speak in public without fear!
Deliver convincing presentations!
State your ideas clearly!
Be self-confident in front of an audience!
Answer promptly to even the most unexpected questions!

Would you like to become such a presenter? You can achieve all these skills together with a group of people who shares these very interests and wants to challenge itself and improve constantly: join Toastmasters!

Toastmasters International is a no profit organization aiming at spreading the culture of public speaking. It was founded in 1924 and it is currently active in 129 countries with over 13.500 clubs and 313.000 members.

E-mail: info@radiant-rhetoric.org
Phone: 327 90 77 476

The meeting will take place at the TALENT GARDEN (aka TAG) located in VIA CARLO ALLIONI, 3, TORINO

Joining the meetings as a guest is FREE. Come and experience first hand!

We are here: http://torino.talentgarden.org/#where


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Quando: Giovedì 23-04-2015 alle 19:25

Dove: Talent Garden Torino

Indirizzo: Via allioni 3 Torino

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