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GUT REACTION @ La Caletta (Italy)

GUT REACTION @ La Caletta (Italy)




Presentano direttamente da BERLINO: 4MOODS.

Marco Rivagli : MUSICIAN
Giulia Mandelli : DANCER

Special Guest: Emanuel Victor (Argentina)


Sulle bellissime rive del LAGO DI CANDIA, uno spettacolo unico di musica e teatro danza con APERITIVO.

FREE ENTRY - 29.05.'15 - 7pm

- Berlin Fashion Week
- Sigue Sigue SPUTNIK Electronic (The 80's band)
- Many art galleries and venues in Europe.

- Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, UK & Greece.

GUT REACTION is an English expression that indicates a reaction to a situation derived by a person's instinct and experience. MARCO RIVAGLI e GIULIA MANDELLI, both established professionals in their own artistic field, after many previous collaborations, give birth to the Gut Reaction at the beginning of 2015. The unique style that characterizes them, leads the audience on a journey into the most improbable imaginaries through an investigation where theatre, body movement, music and rhythm collide.

Energy, freshness, art and instinct are the heart of the project. Gut Reaction put on the market a new vision where the artist, the audience and the event organization collaborate in the creation of the show itself. Their work is SITE SPECIFIC: dramaturgy, choreography and music are composed specifically for the location. The duo, that has already performed many shows all over Europe, offers piéces for a very heterogeneous audience. At the moment, after the recent release of their video ALCAEUS (Italy, 2015), they are performing 4MOODS, a new creation inspired to the famous book 'The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time'.

Info, Collaborations & Booking:
+49 179/85.24.963 (DE)
+39 340/96.95.339 (ITA)

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Venerdì 29-05-2015 alle 19:00

Dove: La Caletta del Canavese

Indirizzo: Strada provinciale Del lago Caluso-Vische, 1 Mazzè

Prezzo: --

Link: Sito Web dell'evento