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BROKEN MEMORIES release party w/ opening act by TWEEEDO @ SAMO

BROKEN MEMORIES release party w/ opening act by TWEEEDO @ SAMO



Sabato 6 giugno al SAMO (To) andrà in scena Broken Memories (Calista Records, It.) per presentare il suo nuovo disco #Trauma.

In apertura live-set e in chiusura dj-set sempre ad opera di T W E E E D O (Calista Records, It.).


BROKEN MEMORIES (Calista Records, It.)

Flavio Severino (aka Broken Memories) started playing piano as a young self-taught and studied music since he was 11. Later on, he worked in video games development studios as an illustrator and composer of songs for soundtracks. Years later he performed live with songs he has composed, moulding and shaping new sounds while playing. He has been teaching piano and keyboards in Turin, Italy. Meanwhile, he attended a training course on audio engineer.

Furthermore, he participated at the Ozu Film Festival in the short Traces 2012/2013 by creating an OST silent movie. In the same period he produced songs and soundtracks for While studying music therapy he worked with a recording studio on the use of frequencies and brain stimulation for the welfare of the individual.

With Broken Memories he wants to investigate the deepest part of your conscience, without calling in religion, but going through experimental, electronic, ambient, glitch, 8-bit and lo-fi music.


T W E E E D O (Calista Records, It.)

Tweeedo is Edoardo Vogrig, eclectic musician, ex member of Fuh (noise rock band), producer and versatile experimenter of the post-rock and electronic scene.

With Tweeedo he’s looking for compositions based on interaction between acoustic and electronic sounds. Through a passionate assemble-and-disassemble of rhythm and atmosphere, he livens up dreamy imaginary.

Calista Records is a netlabel.
Dig the hell out of it.

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Sabato 06-06-2015 alle 22:00

Dove: SAMO

Indirizzo: Corso Tortona 52 Torino

Prezzo: --

Link: Sito Web dell'evento