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MARS NEEDS WOMEN (Three Women. One Mission.To bring Rock’n’ Roll to the Planet Mars)

MARS NEEDS WOMEN (Three Women. One Mission.To bring Rock’n’ Roll to the Planet Mars)

Three Women. One Mission.
To bring Rock’n’ Roll to the Planet Mars.
So fasten your seatbelts and put your ears in an upright position
because this is where the mission begins...
It’s the Supremes singing to a Sonics backing track.
It’s Jerry Lee Lewis playing itchy guitar in a sweaty cave somewhere between 1956 and 1977.
It’s a girl group prowling the streets on the wrong side of town.
It’s hot, and it’s very, very cool.
It’s three women who love Rock’n’Roll, adore R’n’B, have a thing for Country and were
there when Punk came round the first time.
It’s time for Venus to show Mars how it’s done.

If you think about it, it’s a bit of a mystery that Mars Needs Women first came into existence
in 2013. After all, the three protagonists have known each other for more than a handful of
years and have played in bands together in the past.
And their common love for a certain kind of music should have made it a no-brainer.
But for all things a season and so it was with this band.
The first hour in the practise room confirmed what they already knew.
This was communication without words, a musical understanding that needed no explaining,
discussing or dissecting.
Three pieces of a puzzle that just slotted into place.
Oh, and it was so much fun!
When they decided to record some of this fun for prosperity, they quickly turned to
Hamburg’s Master of Hi-Fi Lo-Fi, Ted Gaier (Goldenen Zitronen/ Robesspieres).
Another match made in heaven!
It all seemed like too much of a good thing when the Ärzte drummer, Bela B. then offered the
band a berth on his good ship ‘B-Sploitation’ (Bela’s new label) . They graciously accepted .
The 7” single will be released on the 21.11.2014, followed by the album in Feb 2015.

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