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Torna ad esibirsi con una serie di concerti acustici, dopo una pausa di alcuni anni, il neozelandese Dean Roberts, già membro di White Winged Moth ed Autistic Daughters, collaboratore di numerosi musicisti quali Sonic Youth, Phill Niblock, Jim O'Rourke ed autore di album sperimentali, fortemente personali ed al di là di ogni possibile genere per etichette quali Kranky e la Estatic Peace di Thruston Moore

Roberts is one of New Zealand’s leading practitioners in the field of contemporary music and has produced a number of albums to critical acclaim. His releases on Staubgold, Mille Plateaux and Kranky Records are regarded as touchstones of contemporary experimental music. Weaving elements of rock, electro-acoustic, minimalism and free improvisation into unusually affecting song cycles that sound equally avant-futuristic and hauntingly ancient, like ghost of songs past.He is an artist whose mercurial presence has manifested across the full spectrum of avant-praxis kicking off with his early NZ rock-informed improv/drone group Thela (Ecstatic Peace) and work under the White Winged Moth alias. He performed and recorded regularly as a member of Tower Recordings (with Matt Valentine Erica Elder, Tim Barnes, PG Six and others) during a lengthy illicit stay in NYC. His later group Autistic Daughters (with Werner Dafeldecker, Martin Brandlmayr and Valerio Tricoli producing) are majestic examples of the possibility of detourned songform
His album “The Black Moths Play the Grand Cinema” was described by the Wire Magazine as “A tremendous achievement where everything fits, less of an attempt to blend genres than a demonstration of how for the truly imaginative, genres remain utterly meaningless.” He has worked extensively in the USA and Europe collaborating with many artists in Experimental music from Sonic Youth, Otomo Yoshide, Jim O’Rourke, Phill Niblock, Tower Recordings, Mike Cooper, Martin Brandlmayr, Werner Dafeldecker, Eugene Chadbourne, Kevin Drumm, Fennesz, Tony Buck among others.
Featured recently in the Wire Magazine’s " Seismic Performances" 30 Concerts that Shook the Planet, Jon Dale described his performance as “affecting a complete transformation of both songs and the performance space itself, ritualizing the interaction between guitar and voice and forcing himself through the barriers of his material with an intensity I had previously only witnessed on rare occasions :y. He pulled songs apart, losing himself in repetitions and sometimes effecting brute force on his guitar to wrench near-violent clusters of notes from the instrument. This was one of those rare occasions where you observe a performer lost in their world yet maintaining absolute control over their material and shaking down the audience, shocked and unable to speak, probably the best commentary possible on Dean Roberts’ performance.”
In a seated and hushed environment his unusual juxtapositions of instrumentation, verse and sonic experiments reveal the art of the song as a far more suggestive, highly experimental medium that one could assume. Akin to popular or “folk” music were it given the treatments of an avant- garde composer.

Dean Roberts discography Albums

Dean Roberts -Autistic Daughters -Jealousy and Diamond (Kranky Records)
Dean Roberts - And the Black Moths Play the Grand Cinema - (Re-issue) Staubgold Records
Dean Roberts Be mine tonight 2003 Kranky Recordings (USA) CD
all cracked medias 1998 Mille Plateaux CD (Germany) CD
Aluminium Duo with Werner Dafeldecker 2000 Erstwhile (USA) CD
ribbon arcade 1998 Formacentric (NZ) CD
moth park/soundtracks to utopia 1997 Formacentric (NZ) CD
Thela-Argentina 1996 Ecstatic Peace (USA) CD
I can see inside your house 1996 Poon Village (USA) CD
Thela s/t 1995 Ecstatic Peace (USA) CD

Albums no longer available
Dean Roberts/Guy Treadgold Cassavetes LP Ltd Edition 1996
Formacentric (NZ)
White Winged Moth - Silo Blanket LP - 1996 Formacentric (NZ)
Thela (roberts/workman) LP Trc 1995 (NZ)
Thela S/t 3 x 8" Crawlspace Records 1994 (NZ)

Other Appearances

Dean Roberts/Eugene Chadbourne/Thurston Moore - Guitar Festival Summer 1999 (Leo Records)
Winter Was Hard Too... hybrid sound system [Reinhold Friedl / Ulrich Krieger (Tourette - Germania - 2003)
Matthew MV Valentine Space Shanteys LP 2002 Fringes, Italy (Guitar
and Engineering)
Boris Hauf - Krank Satori CD (Guitar on one track)
Split with Flying Saucer Attack & Main Staal Plaat Mort Aux Vaches
1999 (Netherlands) CD
" Anne" on Untitled CD, Snowdonia Italy 2001 CD
Tower Recordings, Folk Scene LP and CD Communion (USA) 2001 (Guitar
and Engineering
)Songs of Suspects - LP Karate Joe (contribute a song lyric)
A Yard of Birds - on I am a Photographer compilation LP RUNT (Italy)
Modulations and Transformations 2 Mille Plateaux (Germany) " I
don't know why people think you are fake" track. 1999 CD
Among Others 3 documentary (Austria) CD (some presence on this
Contribute one track to Bug CD - Out of print CDR NYC 1999.
Achim Wolsheid - " Acts" Selektion (Germany) - engineering
Imperical - La Gloria LP (NZ) (Some Guitar and Engineering
Thela contribute a track to Le Jazz Non Compilation 1995 Corpus
Hermeticum (NZ) CD@

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