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Exhibit - The Others Fair

Exhibit - The Others Fair



Opening Wednesday, the 4th of November, from 9:00pm
from the 5th to the 8th of November 2015


0000001, 2015

500×500 cm

Ex Borsa Valori – via San Francesco da Paola, 28 Turin
For the first time in its history, in 2015 The Others exits its traditional venue, the ex-penitentiary Le Nuove, and engages with the whole city of Turin. In collaboration with the Camera di commercio di Torino, The Others presents The Others | EXHIBIT, which features primarily The Others’ exhibitors’ proposals, in addition to the works presented by other Turin-based galleries and associations which have been involved in the project.
The Others│EXHIBIT, the spin-off of The Others’, will be hosted in the venue of the ex-Borsa Valori (piazza Valdo Fusi) – the impressive 11.000 sq ft structure designed by Gabetti&Isola during the ’50s, in the heart of Turin. The Others│EXHIBIT is an exhibition in and for the city, and confirms the rich and multifaceted nature of The Others. In particular, The Others│EXHIBIT is an indication of our decision to consider the four days of the Fair as the culmination of a research which is carried out 365 days a year, encompassing several subjects and lines of enquiry, and managing a truly vast network of galleries and artists.

In the huge space of the ex-Borsa Valori, EXHIBIT displays works of all dimensions: indeed, the suggestive architecture of the ex-Borsa Valori is perfect for a exhibition of unlimited works – sculptures, installations, and multimedia performances which, here, can interact with their huge showcase. The concept of unlimitedness has been chosen as the characterising feature of both the project in general, and the works presented by EXHIBIT. The artists, in trying to force the limits of the exhibition space, allude metaphorically at the true essence of art – unlimitedness.

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