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TO LOCALS - Associazione Culturale, Turi Messineo & Luca Cravero presentano:
Torino Local Scene // Act 84 // " Loud And Clear"

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Four Seasons One Day (Palermo)
Formed in 2011 in Palermo, Italy, Four Seasons One Day is the essence of the new melodic punk-rock local scene which combines different influences in a unique and well appreciated sound. The group consisting of Pietro Basso on vocals and bass, Valerio Ballarò on guitar and vocals, Davide Di Leo on guitar and drummer Daniele Di Giorgi debuted live few months after forming and found early success via local radio and quickly amassed a devoted hometown following.

In 2013 their first full-length " Brand New Life” produced by Pietro Ventimiglia, better known as Shy Kidx (Epitaph Records) was released for free download. Later the same year, their cover of 'I Miss You' originally by Blink 182 was featured in the 'Stay Together For The Kids' Compilation for Rude Records and in the 2 Virgin Radio’s Compilations “Style Rock Vol.6” and “Revisited Rock Vol.3” both released by Universal Music Italy. Their cover reached the top 10 Italian Rock Chart and gave them a major exposure hitting more than 65 thousands plays over the internet.

After several local appearances, the band signed with Indelirium Records (Italy), No Panic! Records (Germany) for the worldwide release of their 7 songs debut EP titled " Tutti Morti" in April 2014. The new record revealed a new sound more punk / hardcore than before, influenced by bands as Title Fight, Make Do And Mend and Citizens. In support of the release, the band toured Europe. This gave them the opportunity to get noticed by new people and finally expand their fan base. After coming back home they dropped a tour-video for the single 'Holes'.

By 2015, Four Seasons One Day played few hometown shows and came back to work on new music. In June the band entered The Force Studio to record their sophomore EP " In Stone" which will be released worldwide by No Panic! Records on October 8th and will be followed by their second European Tour that will see the band perform as headliners. The first Single 'Barricade' out September 28th.
bandcamp: https://fsod.bandcamp.com/

Low Standards, High Fives
We are 5 slow dancers, we started this band in september 2012 in the countyside just outside of Turin, we were / are members of Dog Tale, See Emily Draw, Angry September, Malemute Kid, Farmer Sea.
Our 2nd Ep " ENOUGH" is Out Now!
FREE DOWNLOAD at: www.lshf.it/enough.zip
sito: http://lshf.it/
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/low-standards-high-fives

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