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Club Toxic Los Angeles presenta il concerto degli ANCIENT + GOTLAND presso il CaféLiber ArciClub. In apertura serata e cambio palco: DJ Set dei Corlyx.
A seguire serata Onyrica.

Circolo Arci - Contributo artisti Euro 12

Set Time:

- GOTLAND: 22:00
- ANCIENT: 23:00


ANCIENT is a Norwegian black metal band from Bergen, formed in 1992. The band released six full- length albums released by Metal Blade Records to date and a variety of mini-albums, EPs and special releases. Ancient used to have the classic raw black metal sound, similar to Darkthrone's works. Beginning with The Cainian Chronicle, they moved towards a more Nordic/atmospheric black metal sound, akin to Emperorand a cleaner production. After a period of turmoil concerning their line-up, they went on to add gothic-style instruments such as violins, a female vocalist, and synthesizers to their music.
To this day ANCIENT can be considered as one of the original Norwegian black metal bands that were part of the now famous scene of the early nineties. They were one of the very first Norwegian black metal bands to sign for a semi-major label (Metal Blade Records). There is no evidence of any involvement of ANCIENT with the infamous occurrences of the Norwegian black metal scene, although they were part of the same scene. Ancient can be considered as a historical black metal act by all standards, whose path took a different course upon their relocation around the world and subsequent exit from the local Norwegian scene.
In 2011, band's lead singer Aphazel announced that he shortened his artist name to Zel and also announced plans for a new studio album. The album, " Back to the Land of the Dead', is to be released in january 2016.


Italian Black Metal

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